What's your opinion on women in society?

I’ve seen a billion pictures in the past few months of women wearing close to nothing, putting these up on the internet, I recently posted a story on someones picture, just so she knew what was going to happen.

A girl went for her dream job, everything was fine and dandy and she knew she was going to get it, but they went through all of her myspace, facebook, livejournal, bebo, you know, all those accounts. They found a picture of her when she was 14, bending over so her undies hung out of her short skirt. She was fourteen and thought nothing of it, because she was young, and other women had done it too so, what the heck. Turns out she didn’t get her dream job, all because of that stupid picture she posted when she was 14. Sad, isn’t it?

Recently Miley Cyrus posted a picture of herself in just her undies, and a shirt that she was pulling up to reveal her stomach. She has hundreds of fans, most of them are children. Do you not think that is going to rub off to them, until they are doing the same thing? Even I have lost respect from her, and all she did was post a picture.

Does this show anything to you? That women in society are taking it too far? How degrading, to post a picture of you wearing close to nothing. It takes so much respect away from all of the other women who don’t want to, don’t need to do that to themselves. It’s taking away rights for women, and some men even think less of our gender in general.

What’s your opinion on this? (Yes, I seem to post long questions these days, I’m sorry)

Answer #1

[Belle, I agree with you. People posting pictures and such like that almost bothers me as much as label talk, and that bothers me a lot. But, I guess we cant do much about it except for set a good example. Sighhh]

I have seen so many girls posting pictures on here and their underwear and stuff its quite disturbing. They feel as if they have to impress someone. Girls that take pictures like that usually get comments back from guys saying “your hot” etc. and thats one of the things that encourages them to do it. Some kids don’t get attention from their parents and stuff so they take pictures like that because they know that males are going to give them attention for it.

Celebrities, definitely aren’t helping. Little girls see the media of people like Miley taking pictures like that and they think its cool. I see little girls in the summer dressing like prostitutes and it really worries me. Young girls need to have a good example set for them. Once they see women walking down the street with next to nothing on, they are going to catch onto it. Women who dress almost naked out in public should be ashamed of themselves.

I personally don’t believe that anyone should see that kind of thing unless its someone you truly love and are in a strong relationship with. I don’t have insecurity problems about my body, but I even find it difficult to let my own boyfriend of a long time to even see me in my undergarments. I don’t see why celebrities would want the whole world to see them like that, I assume they do it for the money. But honestly, I wouldn’t let people take pictures of me like that for all the money in the world. Some girls really need to gain some respect for themselves. Imagine being a father and seeing your little girl’s pictures like that all over the internet, how sad.

I watched a show on Dr.Phil a while back about teenagers posting those types of photos on myspace, facebook, etc. There were serious business people there and they were commenting about when they are going to hire someone they go look at their profiles and if they see pictures like that then they will not hire them. I know people aren’t going to believe it, but I’m sure businesses do it and I think every business should. If I was going to hire someone, I’d want to know their true side.

Taking inappropriate pictures says a lot about a person, it really does. If I became friends with someone and saw pictures like that of them I’d probley think they are a slut. Yeah, judging shouldn’t work that way - but its just the way I am I guess. Just because you have revealing photos doesn’t mean you are a slut, thats not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying that its the first thought that would come to my mind.

Its not just younger girls though, its almost all ages. Its way worse for little girls to be taking pictures like that, but its not OKAY for anyone to take those kinds of photos. It’s not only pictures either, its videos also. Teen girls make videos of taking off their clothes on web cam for guys, its disgusting. I really wonder what is going through a females mind when she is doing something like that, I couldn’t imagine her seriously being proud of it. If thats the case then she probley has some issues.

I have been introduced to the “Start a trend - love yourself” here on FunAdvice. I do have 100% respect for the woman involved with that. Its not a “here boys, give me attention” its a “I’m a grown woman and I’m proud of what I have”. They aren’t going to walk around showing everyone their stomach, its just a pose for a picture to start a new trend for woman. The colour effects they use add a lot of class to the pictures. I believe its ‘sikashimmer’ and ‘lex_icon’ involved, lovely ladies.

To all the women who feel sexy wearing next to nothing, its not sexy at all. Its trashy, tasteless, and says a lot about who you are. It makes us real women look bad. I don’t show skin inappropriately and my boyfriend tells me I’m gorgeous everyday.

Answer #2

Yes I started the “Start a trend - Love yourself” pictures on Funadvice as a response to the flood of anorexia and bulimic fanatics we get. To show these girls that curves ARE sexy and attractive and that women should embrace who they are and their natural size.

As for the woman who went for her dream job and got denied because of a picture… I think it’s a bit far fetched. Personal is personal and business is business. I don’t think a picture has any indication to your job performance. And personally, I wouldn’t want to work for a company that would pass such a judgment on me.

I feel sexy wearing next to nothing - The female body is beautiful in itself. I hate how we as women are taught to ignore our sexuality while men are taught to wear theirs across their forehead. And I really don’t think it takes respect away, you have to actually respect yourself a lot and be confident to show off your body like that. Sure it can be tasteless, but anyone can be tasteless or crude while clothed as well.

The messages that celebrities and the media send to young women of today are no different than the past. Society is still very much the same. Take the popular doll Barbie for example. Her debut was around the time when Marylin Monroe was popular. I don’t think Barbie would have become so popular if the young girls during that time didn’t already want to look like her (because of the celebs of the time… like Marylin Monroe.) Barbie and other dolls are merely representative of popular social expectations of woman in American society. –Just like teen celebs like Hannah montanna/Miley Cyrus and all the Britney Spears types.

Since we are a young age, girls are already aware of social ideals, or at least the media’s representation of it. All the representations of celebrities and models are airbrushed and photo shopped to give them a perception of “perfect appearance”. Why are celebrities without makeup or on bad hair days photographed and put in tabloids to knock them off their pedal stool (more importantly… why are we as a society ok with that? I mean… most of those pictures are fine and normal.)

So you see, It’s the media and SOCIETY that are taking it too far with their expectations of women - Not the women themselves.

xox Sika

Answer #3

“I hate how we as women are taught to ignore our sexuality while men are taught to wear theirs across their forehead.”

I hate that too. I hate that men are taught they’re not men unless they’ve “scored” with as many women as possible, while women are called “sluts” if they do the same thing. As the father of a son and a daughter, I feel those standards are grossly unfair to members of both genders. And I’m all in favor of teaching young women to be comfortable with their bodies and natural beauty. You’re right on about the media on that issue.

But I also DON’T feel I’ll be teaching my daughter to be uncomfortable with her appearance by refusing to let her post scantily clad pictures of herself on the internet or by wearing shorts that say “Juicy” on the back. I’ll admit to being socially conservative on this, but it does degrade women to make something like that public. The female body is a work of art, yes…but the younger crowd shouldn’t be displaying that art in public. It accomplishes nothing for their self-esteem. The “self-esteem” defense can backfire…if one 14 year old girl sees another 14 year old girl post a “sexy pic” in a bra and panties, it may make her feel insecure about her own appearance, if she’s at a different stage in puberty. A mother and father can reassure their daugther that she’s beautiful, but if she sees public pictures of her friends’ bodies going through changes, while hers may not yet be, she’s not going to feel good.

As for the picture issue, I agree with you that a picture has nothing to do with job performance. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what you and I think, it matters what the majority of employers in society think. Granted, some don’t care about a picture like that, but I do think most would frown on it and may even make it a deciding factor, all else being equal. It’s similar to the reason we teach our kids not to wear blue spiked hair, leather, and chains to a job interview. Personal freedom and expression is great. But they can also be career choices.

Just my thoughts…

Answer #4

This is a complex issue. I’m sure this thread could get a lot of mileage. However, from my perspective as a guy, my inclination was to look at the issue if it was a guy who was posing in his underwear instead of a girl. Somehow, I don’t think guys would be berating him for posting up such a pic - why is that? Why is it that when a girl poses in her underwear, be it here or in a Women’s magazine, there are women who make negative comments about the girl, yet I bet they wouldn’t do the same about a guy doing exactly the same. A girl wears a bikini top out in public, and people are saying she should have more self respect. A guy goes out in public without a shirt or top on… and no one mentions a thing? There seems to be a Double Standard out there.

In the pic in question, at least half the comments are girls having a go at the person in the picture. The rest are guys and girls, complimenting the picture, and sure, there are the guys going “wow, you’re hot”. I found this pic on here too - http://www.funadvice.com/photo/view/22553 - and almost all of the comments are girls, going “wow, you’re hot”. So, why is that? Seriously? Guy post pics, girls go gaga, guys say nada. Girl posts pics, guys go gaga, girls go nuts at girl. Why?

Answer #5

I think you you are above all other women. Keep it up and maybe society will change. We can only hope and pray.

                              Peace & love
Answer #6

I think that its peer pressure now and days with what I am hearing My opinion on women in society is what I have on society today its too much pressure to look pretty, tough, and cool alltogher I think this younger genaration needs help the most.

Answer #7

danbob, because, they (women/girls, while they may not admit it) are secretly jealous of all the attention that the other women/girls are getting for their picture, because of their very own low-self esteem issues, while the girls posting the pictures have low self-esteem as well. People who post pictures like that are very insecure and are just fishing for attention and/or compliments.

Either guys are not as insecure, or they don’t show it. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

I know for a fact that I’m attractive and beautiful and I don’t need to post pictures of myself or dress scantily to prove it!!

Answer #8

I thought this question would be about how men feel about women taking positions of power. but its not its something degrading to women who do disagree with that type of behavior.

this isnt women in society, its women who want attention by showing off their bodies and possibly ruining their lives for it. and not all women are like that. and why, WHY! is it only the women??? im sure theres plenty of that bs from guys, so why is it only the girls we hear about? wheres the news about theguys doing it? or is it acceptable for guys?

I agree with the people who ask why is it alright for guys to “wear it across there forehead” while women shouls remain to themselves or be labeled as a wh*re. thats just bs.

Answer #9

also, they see poeple, stars of tv and movies like miley cyris getting all sexy in front of the camera, so they think they need to do it too, because, if she did it, then I should do it too because it is cool.

well, no, its not, people who are in a place to influence many young peoples minds should work to inlfuence them in a good way, not in a way that is demeaning to them selves. or giving themselves low self esteem.

Answer #10

Wow, I totally agree with all of you. Good Post.


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