What is your opinion on drugs, friendwise?

Just wondering, do you think its good to experiment with drugs, you know like try them out once? Is it bad if you dont? or better if you do? Personally, I have not tried any drugs, but lately friends of mine have experimented and its almost like I feel left out. They aren’t addicted, and I am willing to try, but I just don’t feel right doing it.

Answer #1

I don’t think you should try drugs. I’m in my 30’s, and went through a drug phase in my early 20’s, and I definitely do not think I gained anything from it. As a matter of fact, I thank God every day that I got out of it without getting addicted to anything.

Aside from the psychoactive pro’s/con’s, you should never mess with drugs because you will inevitably get caught with them. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has every messed around with drugs has gotten into trouble with the law as a direct result. If you have any academic scholarships, you can kiss them goodbye. If you catch a felony, you will have to put that on every job application you ever fill out. Even if the drugs don’t hurt you, and you don’t get addicted (not likely, by the way), if you get into trouble, your experimental phase will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Pot makes you stupid, LSD re-wires your brain (not in a good way), Cocaine is evil and extremely destructive to your body, Meth is Satan, Heroin and Pharmaceuticals will kill you, PCP and Inhalants will rob you of your very soul and turn you into something that even your parents wouldn’t recognize. For Real, kid. You won’t ever regret NOT doing drugs.

Stay strong, man. Stay smart

Answer #2

I am34 now but when I was 16 I was just like you, being pressure to at least try. I only used pot. I used then for like the next 4 years. Looking back, I am glad I did try it, but at the same time my grades when from A’s and B’s to D’s and F’s and almost had to repeat a grade. But pot had left so many good images and fun times. Is something that unless you experience it, nobody can’t describe the feeling. Kindo like nobody can’t describe the feelings of an orgasm and you get how it feels but then you have one and it is like wow!.

Answer #3

I dont like drugs they smell bad and are bad for your health

Answer #4

I’ll probably get mail for this but depending on what it is yea you should be worried but not all drugs are dangerous nor are they worthless. As above poster stated that nothing to gain lol. I disagree certain psychoactive drugs are quite enlightening & I have gained much knowledge from safe usage of such drugs. I’m not condoning drug use that being said at one time all the drugs that are fun were legal then scheduled by the man including marijuana. So my honest opinion don’t let people who assume its bad because they live a cookie cutter life & feel they don’t need it sway your decision. Nor should you take my advice. No one NEEDS drugs but if you like the expansion of your mind & are willing to step outside the box go for it. If you want to stay away stay away. Trust your gut. And for Pete’s sake be informed .

www.erowid.org. << Info for someone who would need it IF perhaps that person consumed narcotics. Stay Safe

Drugs Are Bad

Answer #5

I wouldn’t try out drugs, even if my friends were. You could easy get addicted and then your lives will be ruined. Stick to what you feel and believe in. It is a lot more important to stick to your own decisions than listen to friends.

Answer #6

if it doesn’t feel right (and its good that it doesn’t) then don’t do it. there are better and safer things to experiment with.

Answer #7

No, I don’t think it’s good to experiment with drugs. I actually recommend that you don’t, if you haven’t. There’s absolutely nothing to gain from it.

As said, although others aren’t addicted yet, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get addicted to it yourself. So stay safe and keep away from drugs. You don’t need them to fit in with your friends. If you do, they’re the wrong kind of friends to have. :)

Answer #8

stay away from herion, blow, crack, meth, prescription drugs of any kind, you should be fine alchohol marijuana tobacco even are natural substances all the ingrediants come from the earth and will take place on their own even if left alone, particularly marijuana. its normal for you to feel scared of your parents just think about this whens the next drug test you need to pass if you have one in less than 30 days I reccomed staying clean its the best anyway, ready for anything still holding on to brain cells

Answer #9

No. drugs are for idiots :) Just because they arent addictted doesnt mean you wont be ;)

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