what is your life story?

am just wondering what is your life story? like did you grow up in the 1990’s went to a poor high school got shot when you a senior and now your co-leader of a company? am just wondering :)

Answer #1

I was born in Alabama with just my mom because my biological father is a worthless piece of sh!t. My mom met my adopted dad when I was 2. They got married and my dad adopted me so I have his last name and I;m officially his :) We moved to Florida because that is where my dad is from. We then bounced from Conneticut to Rhode Island to South Carolina. We then moved to Georgia where we lived until I was about 8. In 4th grade we moved to California where I got my first crush and learned how to snow board. We drove across country when we moved so we could see all the ‘sites’ hitting Mississippi, Arkansas, Lousiana, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and finally California. It was one of the two longest, most miserable trips of my life (that I didnt appreciate until I was about 17). I moved to conneticut in my sixth grade year and lived there for 6 months. When we moved back across country we took my second most miserable trip and drove through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Canada (I know its not a state but I’ve been there) Vermont, and New York. I rode my first school bus in Conneticut and 9/11 happened while I was at school in my history class. We moved to Virginia next. (I saw New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland during that move) I lived in Virginia from half way through 6th grade until my junior year. My mother took me out of public school my freshman year and starting homeschooling me because I had a ‘bad attitude’ and was failing. I went on my first cruise (to the Bahamas) in 8th grade. I spent a lot of time in North Carolina with my best friend going to the beach because I didnt have to GO to school. I was sunburned a lot and I was very mean. We moved back to Georgia the summer before my junior year. I saw West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee (even though none of them are on the way to Georgia - it was another miserable trip) In Georgia again I went back to public school my junior year (because I was nice again and I wasnt failing) and got my first car. I also met my biological father’s two sons (so my half-brothers) that look and act just like me. I graduated and moved out three days later so I could work through the summer and start college in the fall. My parents and younger brother moved to Australia. It sucked. I grew up spoiled rotten and learning to take care of myself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but its made me out to be a much stronger, wiser, more prepared person. I went to college for a year to study secondary education mathematics and music/theatre (so I could teach high school math and theatre) I dropped out because I fell in love with a boy. Said boy promised the world and didnt deliver. He left shortly after tearing me apart, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I visited my family in Australia during my year in college. It is beautiful. I am now 20 years old, still living in Georgia with my love, my cat, and my dog. I have a beautiful home and an excellent job. I still miss my family and I take a lot of pictures so I can show them to my mom when I see her again. I enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies, and shopping.

On a side note, I have over the years visited friends in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, Washington, and Hawaii. That only leaves 15 states (Alaska, Colorado, Illinios, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, and Wisconsin) for me to visit and I plan to do so before I have children!


Answer #2

Was born 1990, mother was a crack addicted prostitute who talked to dead people on the side for extra money dad was in denial about everything and stuck by her side. She left him and took off to california informing me “the great spirit told her her contract for being my mother was up”. Sister was busted for manufacturing LSD with her boyfriend ,somehow she got let off cause of a plea bargin we believe and he ended up working for the DEA then he got shot in the back of the head, my mother was the one to find the body by supposidly speaking to his spirit she then worked with the fbi, my sister had to go under cover cause people wanted to kill her for her information. Later in life I then started drug dealing and lived under a bridge for roughly 6 months got addicted to a lot of substances. Went through rehab got GED, started college. Got pregnant lost the child.Now im studying to become an addictions counselor and living happily with my Elementary school crush/boyfriend and am sober. and I swear up and down everything said here is totally true, sadly ha =/

Answer #3

I was born in 1994 in a very rural part of scotland, UK. I’m a senior in the school that I started going to 12 years ago in nursery / kindergarden. I leave that school in a few weeks. I was brought up on a farm owned by generations of my family, and still live here, my dads a farmer (kind of obvious) and my ma is a house mum and a classroom assitent. a few years back I got involved with an idiot who bet the cr@p outda on a number of occasions… it got to the extent that I was getting beeten pretty badly nearly every week. he was kicked outda school after about the 5th beeting. I now stand taller than ever hoping to pass my standard grades and then onto my highers. I’ve been to a lot of different abroad places. I hope to visit more. cheers for the Q. very good 1 = )

Answer #4

I was born in 1995 in glendale arizona my parents divorced when I was 6 I moved to tempe with my mum and then she met this nice guy robert and they moved in together with his daughter rachel we lived in chandler until I was in 5th grade then we moved to texas in frisco for almost a full school year then we moved to grapevine texas for a few months and we were going to move again so I wanted to go live with my dad in arizona so my dad took her to court for custody he won so me and my sister emily went to live with him, she filed an appeal they were at court for 2 years and he won again. I live with my dad grandma and sister. I live with my grandma so I can take care of her because she has Alzheimers and its very frustrating, I am a freshman in high school and am not doing so well, I thnk I made a mistake to come live with my dad I want to go live with my dad but im afraid to tell him. so I am unhappy where I live, I want to live with my mum but I dont want to leave my friends and my boyfriend

Answer #5

Ima get back to you on that one; too tired. I will have a lot of fun answering this question later haha

Answer #6


I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and went to 2 primary schools there, moved to the Scottish Borders and just recently left school. Went to college for 2 months now looking for a job. Job interview today, yah :)

Answer #7

I’m a 1990’s born teen, I live in australia, I find the suburbs very relaxed and I hate the city and how it’s always so busy. I don’t like dealing with people often otherwise I loose my chill. I don’t know much about the world - probably because I don’t do a history class or anything, but I like to hear about other cultures and things that are completely different to my life. ie: this questions is a very good one!

Answer #8

I am not ashamed so I will just tell u..I was born in 1992 lol so I grew up in Miami..then when I was 7 I moved to L.A and 2 years later we were in Texas for 8 months then by the age 10 we moved to Chicago by the age of 11 I found out my mom was a stripper and my dad a doctor. then my parents got divorced and we moved to cali.. I went with my dad for my freshmen year in Arizona and got kicked out of 2 high schools ( all girls school and a public school) I did online and got dismissed for plagiarism. now I am a senior with life falling apart (lil bro on crack,sister age 14 is pergo lol ) and I am senior hopefully a graduate in june LOL

Answer #9

My name is Renee, I’m from the 1990’s haha. I’m from New Zealand, Have lived there all my life. I have a sister and a cat who I love so much. I lived on a farm until I was 11 and my father died of a Heart Attack. I now live beside the beach in a place called Orewa. I was always good at school, best at Art, worst at maths. I enjoy English. I went to a Private school. I was among the least well-off in the school as the money that put me through the school was from a trust after my Dad died and my mother is only a Pianist and doesn’t make much money. I left school at 16 and am currently training to be a hairdresser. Eventually I want to be a Police Woman and travel the 3rd world countries helping with building villages and spreading education.

What is YOUR life story?? :)

Answer #10

well thats a question you dont see everyday…

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