Is vaginal discharge supposed to taste sour?

ok so my vaginal discharge tastes sour is it supposed to taste sour? Also I don't think I have a yeast infection, but anyways what does vaginal discharge taste and smell like?

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It is a hard questionto answer but the cleaner the sweeter is my gues (neva ate a girl out , I liv guys)

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lol heavenly.

but she is correct. It doesn't taste sweet and not sour either, much like sperm in a way, but not such a sharp taste.

Then again, it depends on the girl. There is no right or wrong taste and what you eat could influence how it tastes. Honey should make it sweeter. For guys it is the same, one guy's sperm tastes different from the next.

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It doesn't taste sweet, that's for sure. It sucks that I'm answering this because it indicates that I have had that in my mouth at some point in time, but nevertheless, the discharge does taste sort of sour. Male cum, on the other hand, has a sweeter taste to it. Again, maybe too much info, but in case you were wondering. I'm married, so I've been around the block a couple times. The smell goes under a lot of different descriptions. Some people say it smells like fish. Other people say it smells just bad. If you wash it on a daily basis, you can help keep the smell down. It's going to be there though, especially if you are lube-y a lot (ya, I made that word up...sue me...haha). What you're experiencing should be just fine.

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