What is this smeely odor in my vagina coming from?

I’m 13 now.I just turned 13 in september.But I don’t know if I was molested when I was a litte girl.Maybe it was all a dream but I remember that it was thunderstorming.And I was about 4 and I was really terrified of thunderstorms.So my dad had came over and him abd my mom were about to.Have sex.Well they realized that I was really afraid of thunderstorms so they invited me in with them.Now all I can remember is something grabbing my leg in the dark.All of this keeps ringing in my memory.Hopefully this was a dream.But does it sound like I was molested.Nevertheless,my dad has cheated on my mom every since I was little with this woman who would sleep with anyone,and she could have any STD or anything and what if my dad caught it or something?Then that would mean that I have it but the thing is that,I have had many physicals since then and if I had caught anything,wouldn’t it had showed in the physicals by now?Every time I talk to my mom about abstience,she says that I am a virgin.I used to make my barbie doll shave sex and I even told her one Christmas “I hope someone touchesme down there.” I was about five or six and she had to put some ointment down there because I had a rash.

And also,every since I was six,I had a crush on my gym teacher and I would think about “sex” with him such as him kissing me or him doing bad stuff to me sexually.So once I turned nine,the crush kind of stopped.But now my sexual thoughts have goten much much worse.So in my imagination,I am married to a guy named Eric and I have three kids named Alder,Jacqui,and Lissette.But imagine doing “things” with “Eric” such as regular sex,bondage sex,kinky sex,gentle sex, and hardcore sex.It’s on my mind every single day.There’s literally not a day that goes by that I don’t think of it and I do’t know why.It’s been on my mind since I was eleven.This has all been hapening since I was six and that’s not normal,is it?

Nevertheless,I’m 13 now and I used my mom’s wash clothe.Well we use it on the same area.And she has a scent in her vaginal area,she told me,and I have the same scent.When I take a bath,I get rid of the odor but then it comes back.I have little bumps down there but they’re barely there,you can barely even notice that they are there.Nevertheless,I eat some stenchy foods also.I don’t really itch down there either.But I have a bad odor.I use different kinds of soap and some make the odor worse.My urine doesn’t normaly burn unless I have a rash down there or something.I have eczema so that’s why my arms and legs are broke out but the bumps on my vagina don’t break out or anything,they don’t even itch unless I scrub too hard down there.But me and my mom have used the same wash rag on our vagina so does it sound like I have an STD or something?I have had my period for about two years now.The bumps are in my vagina but you can’t tell that they are even there thought.I have started to masturbate and sometimes my hands are not clean when I do so and sometimes I spit on my vagina when I masturbate,yes I know,it’s disgusting.And I don’t wash down there on Saturdays or sometimes Sundays.If I had an STD when I was four if my dad did molet me,then wouldn’t it had shown in the physicals?Does it sound like I have an STD or something? I can’t live with myself if I have one!I wouldn’t be able to get married or have kids.So all of that would be down the drain.So does it sound like I caught something?I’ve had the scent for a long time.Sometimes the scent is mid and other days,it’s very loud.I am not at all sexually active.

Please just answer the questions,I know that I should see a doctor but what is YOUR advice?

What if this woman had sex with a guy that had aids and my dad had sex with her and my mom had sex with my dad,and I used her wash rag,does that mean that I now have it too? My mom had a papsmear and everything and it all came back okay.I also have hair down there and I am african american,but I am lightskinned.

Answer #1

You should consider using a douche every other day. It will probably help with the odor. The STD part I’m not entirely sure of. Maybe get that checked out with a blood test.

Answer #2

I agree with Mysterywolf.

I’d also like to say that, often times, as we grow from childhood our memories get intermixed and sometimes cause us to believe certain things happened when they didn’t.

I, personally, think you should stop worrying about the things you are perceiving from nine years ago and just think positive. If any real problems do come up, then deal with them as they occur. I don’t think any of them will occur as a result of your distant past.

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Answer #3

My dear, you seem so distressed, I want to first talk to yo about the possibility of sexual abuse, If your dad forced sex on yo at that age itwould have ben pain full so uless you remember feeling pain after or being very ore or evenbleeding then it is unlikely- whether or nt he still sexully abused you we dont know because any sort of touching or even sexual tak can be classed as abuse… also it seems from a young age you had quite a sexual mind- this is quite common in most children but often they forget because at that age theycant explain it.. because of this mind that understands sex and my ae thought about it a lot is it not possible that why may hve taken your dads actions the wrong way? I have done this before when I was a child I first started understnding sex and I was sitting in the bath and my dad came in to brush his teeth an I saw this as being so wrong I thought he was looking at me but it was all in my mind. If this is not the case then I would reccomendou speak to someone because this cannot be good fo you and thi may be leading you to worry abot hving ilnesses that you do nt have instead of dealing with the real issue. as fo the illness ( down there)! a check up will certainly show up any stds . aids is extremly dfficult o contract and you wud probable start feling ill by now as it normally kicks in after about 6 years.. you definatly havnt got aids. I think you only have bacterial vaginosis. to get rid of this try using fem fresh wash and pick up some thrush cream I promise its nbig deal. Get back to me if you found this helpful or nee mor advice xxx

Answer #4

Hey I think you need to calm down for a bit.

  1. If your physicals included a pelvic examination (I.e. examination of your vagina) and it came out negative, then you don’t have any STDs. However, I don’t think physicals usually do pelvic examinations, usually you have a regular pelvic examinations when you start becoming sexually active. So if you really want, you can go to an OBGYN for an examination.

  2. Most STDs are easily treatable with prescribed medications. Don’t worry about it. However, most of them will make you itch or have a burning sensation when you pee. Some can go away on its own, and sometimes they can come back as well, if you don’t take care of your hygiene properly. Which comes to my next point:

  3. ALWAYS clean yourself every day, twice a day. Don’t use harsh soaps on your vagina, it is a delicate area. Use special feminine hygiene soap products that’s specially formulated. They are usually available in every pharmacy or supermarket, next to the sanitary pads and tampons section. Every girl’s vagina has a specific level of acidity in it, it’s a good balance that keeps bacteria and infections away. Using harsh soaps can dry out your vagina, which can lead to other problems, like yeast infection. Yeast infection is considered an STD, but you don’t have to have sex to get it. It happens when the level of good bacteria in your vagina declines, and it will make your genital area itchy and uncomfortable.

  4. And while we’re on the subject of hygiene, please use your own towels when you dry yourself. Why are you sharing towels with your mother? Use your own. Wash your vagina whenever you shower every day, and use your own towel to dry off. You don’t need a special wash rag, let alone sharing it with someone else. That’s not hygienic at all.

  5. About the bumps on your vagina. Since you mentioned about your poor hygiene, I’m pretty sure they’re not because of an STD. They are probably pimples, or clogged up oil glands. Just improve your hygiene, and it will clear up. Also, it helps to wear cotton underwear so that it’s breathable for your skin, and make sure your underwear isn’t too tight, because that can also cause bumps on your skin.

  6. Having hair on your genitals is normal, and it doesn’t affect your chances of getting an STD or not. Everyone has it.

  7. It’s quite unlikely that you can catch AIDS from a shared wash rag, although it is possible. You need to talk to your Mom and/or Dad about this. Don’t think this is a burden on yourself.

  8. You’re not sure if a lingering memory is part of a dream, or part of your past. I REALLY think that you need counseling on this, inclusive of your imaginary family. I really suggest you speak to a counselor to help you through it, and I’m glad that you know that you need help on it. You can get a doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist, or you can speak to your school counselor who can also refer you to a specialist if you need one. Please get the help you need.

Answer #5

Go to a Doctor - and be honest with him about the bumps, rashes and odor, … This is all NOT NORMAL

Answer #6

poor baby..I know I’m a little late so my advice prob isn’t needed, but you should let me know how u.r doing now, my name’s Brittany. fun mail me :]

Answer #7

its probably because you dont bath every day. you must bath after you masturbate as the fluid from your orgasm will start to smell straight away.

Answer #8

hello..I would think that the smelly odour is due to the moisture collected in/around your vagina that discharges when masturbating. Also..I have to comment that what you’re describing sounds like a real sexual abuse case. I am also a victim of sexual abuse.. but by my two older cousins who at the time were about 18yrs old while iwas around 3 or 4. I agree with mysterywolf that you should seek counselling. I had not ..and still haven’t (I am now 24) and fully regret not having told someone about it all sooner.

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