What) is there a condom my size. in australia?

I know I dont have a massive penis. But I was wondering do they come in a small size? or jsut regular and HUGE. lol
Its 5 inch long and 4 inch girth (around). The last time I tried one on (a year ago) it was WAY to big. I got it from a vending machine in a petrol station

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im not having sex, im still a virgin, but I dont want the time to come and be like to my WIFE, what do I do with this thing???

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Generally cheaper condoms are smaller than the more expensive ones. So next time buy a cheaper brand.

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well your really only suppose to have sex when your MARRIED

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Next time get it from a pharmacy, most condoms that you purchase are a one size fits all kind of deal, however your local drugstore should be able to help you find the right fit for you. Good luck mate!

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unless your hung like john holmes then you should find 1 to fit

Where can I buy condoms?
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looks like life styles are your best bet. they have condoms in every size

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