What is the worst song you have ever heard?

You know how there are some songs that just get on your nerves, but get popular and get played ALL the time… what’s your least favorite song? I personally don’t like the song “Eh Babay” (some rap song), or whatever it’s called, lol! Sorry if that’s your favorite, but I can’t stand it! So, what’s yours?

Answer #1

I personally like rap music. I love all kinds of music…I really cant think of a song that I dont like. Everything is ok if you listen to it.

Answer #2

bartender song by: I have no idea..but its the newer one..I hate it the WORST! :d and chasing pavements by: adele I hate that song so much with a passion

Answer #3

The worst song to me is damaged by danity kane.I really loved it at first but then they wouldnt stop playing it &it got annoying,then you have that dubmb song pocketful of sunshine!! ugh I gag when I hear it

Answer #4

Stand In The Place Where You Live- REM

I fu**ing hate that song…

Answer #5

haha, hmm so many. Avril Lavigne’s song ‘Hot’ makes me want to upchuck everywhere. Actually a lot of her new stuff kind of sucks. No offense anyone. Don’t get me wrong, she used to be somewhat decent…


Answer #6

Any rap song that plays on bet that you can snap your fingers to or has some type of dance in it.

Answer #7

I’d have to say mothers of invention “in the sky”

Answer #8

wow I hate duffel bag boy, soulja boy, and this song is kinda stuck in my head but its called mothers day its by blink 182… lyrics are horrible morally… kinda catchy though

Answer #9

I hate all rap, hip hop, R&B all that.. cant stand it

Answer #10

all songs are good… if you listen to them every once in a while, but after you hear them on the radio being played over and over again, it drives me nuts!! eg. I loved umbrella - rihanna, but it was played far too much on the radio and for the nights I can’t remember - headly, I’d turn to 3 radio stations, and they were all playing it!! =P but a song that really got on my nerves was public affair - jessica simpson!!

Answer #11

uggh anything by miley cyrus. she butchered “girls just want to have fun.” or “bootyhole” by saosin. its kinda funny but kinda disturbing, lmfao.

Answer #12

I seriously cant stand girlfriend or love song they’re SO annoying Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf- B5 makes me want to strangle myself CHEETAH GIRLS SUCK! and I FLIPPINGLOVELOVE barbie girl :)

Answer #13

the dumbest was this song,I dunno its name,but this wierd guy yelled”I want my sympothy back,give me my sympothy back” lol.and also the dumbest song famously wud be,even though I like the song a lot I have to say my humps by da black eyed peas.only because fergie needA PUT THAT FAKE BEHIND AWAY LOL.

Answer #14

omg I heard a song the other day which me and my friends burst out laughing to but I don’t know what it’s called. Anyway it goes something like “(the first bit sounds like hes drunk) then it goes, shakaron, shakaron” or something like that then it randomly starts rapping.. it’s soo annoying lol

Answer #15

Well personally I really don’t like that mika dude but that’s just my opinion or country somgs but other than that ill listen to anything.

Answer #16

There’s lots. Barbie Girl,most of the Hannah Montana songs,Naked Brothers songs(don’t even make sence!!!),Bubbly…My list goes on FOREVER!!!

Answer #17

paris hillton. OHDEARGOD SHE SUCKS!!! who even sponsers her??? oh, yeah, her dad…well, I have nothing against her, its just you know, I think she cant sing. just my opinion though.

Answer #18

There is this really old techno song and the only thing they sing for like 7 and a half minutes is “around the world, aroung the world” I kid you not. its a real song. Its so weird

Answer #19

Basically every song on the radio today… unless you have JACK FM, they sometimes play decent stuff. But, why? Because they play music that was released DECADES AGO..

Answer #20

I absolutly hate a lot of songs: all of disturbed sucks, all country sucks ( unless zach wylde is playing it) I hate that song that says allright 15 times in a row I think its called heya or something. I hate that gay song that says love,love,lo,lo,lo,love …or something like that right at the beginning. all new rap basically sucks..old stuff is where its at. …metal is the way to go once again lol

Answer #21

Anything by Shannon Knoll, he’s just plain dreadful, and I also hate some song by P!nk, but I don’t know what it’s called

Answer #22

I agree with captainassassin that song is super annoying. I also find the song bubbly by colbie caillat very annoying as well.

Answer #23

…oh.. its called

“I got it from my momma” - will I am

Answer #24

the song WALK IT OUT dang! they say “now walk it out” about 50 times in 1 verse!

Answer #25

any country or rap song the absolute worst one ever would have to be “Sweet home Alabama”

Answer #26

used to love teardrops on my guitar..now I dont lol

Answer #27

the worst song I’ve ever heard is probally “Bubbly” by Colbie Callibat.

Answer #28

the worst song I ever heard is my sis singing her song!!

Answer #29

mine would def be umbrella by rhianna

Answer #30

everything by madonna!

Answer #31


Answer #32

Im going to have to go with what everyone else is saying :P That Soulja Boy song. ANd also, Umbrella, I Got It From My Mama, SOS, Big Girls Dont Cry.

I cant just pick one..

Answer #33

Most hip hop, rap, pop, and such. They get outta control for my taste. And they really annoy me on the radio. No offense.

Answer #34

I hate the song high from james blunt sounds like someone crawled up is *ss and died

Answer #35

Sneakernight by V. hudgens.. AGGHHH!!! It’s a BAD tune, with BAD lyrics!

And it’s probably the only song she semi wrote!

Basically what we’re going to do is dance yay! Basically what we’re going to do is dance yay! Basically what we’re going to do is dance yay! c’mon guys it’s sneakernight!

Probably all she wrote :)


Answer #36

most country songs hurt my brains

Answer #37

=O I love the song Bubbly but, ah, I’ll recover. =P

That song “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt.

Uhh. It gives me a headache, no lie.

Answer #38

wind it up gwen stafini

Answer #39

Walk this way - a cover by girls aloud, and sugarbabes

Answer #40

good point hurricane chris[eww why did I remember that?] anyway he sounds like a retarded yogi bear

Answer #41


Answer #42

I hate that song crank that soldier boy I get so mad when it comes on

Answer #43

ohh, I hate that 1 song by lil boosie “inenpendt check” an that 1 song by lil wayne “go d.j” I cant STANNNDDD them songs!!! >:(

Answer #44

anything rap sucks sorry if you like it but it sucks

Answer #45

I hate every hannah montanna song ever created. grrr and every flyleaf song is strange… and scary! :(

Answer #46

The UK’s entry for the eurovision song contest last year. A truly vomit-worthy song.

Answer #47

I h8te every song of rock music

Answer #48

oooft. there are lots


just a few are:

any thing by stupidstupidstupid Paris Hilton. Why is she even famous?! Bloody hell, I HATE HER!

Then, anything by Mika, ooh god I cant stand him!

And then Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis. I liked it at first but when everyone plays songs over and over I end up hating them so much! — and thats what happened with that one!


Answer #49

Lol there is one that’s like a country/pop mixture with an untuned guitar and a girl who can’t sing. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like “the drum, the drum, the drum,” and it repeats it like 800 times. Haha

lol it’s reallyyy bad. worse than anything

Answer #50

most of what everybody said exept for country and the jonas brothers new song when you look me in the eyes

Answer #51

party like a rock star. that’s a gay song.

Answer #52

Crank that - soulja boy >:(

Answer #53

stars are blind by paris hilton take a bow by rihanna beutiful by james blunt bad day by daniel powter

Answer #54

The BARBIE song… by, who is it… aqua?

I absolutely HATE that song.


Answer #55

im bringing sexy back!!! hTE THAT SONG!!!

Answer #56

I don’t know what it’s called, but a lyric is ‘She moves her body like a cyclone’ I THINK, but every time I listen to it I hear ‘She moves her body like a psycho.’

Answer #57

That stupid Paris Hilton song. Bleh! :P

Answer #58

The song “Push the little daisies” by Ween is like nails across a chalkboard for me. I generally dislike hip-hop and rap music talking about “Got my bling, and my b**s in the hot tub, can’t even string together a logical, grammatically correct sentence, so I’m going to pop a cap in my dome, what up my G!” STAB!*

Answer #59

push the little daisies is so cheezy and corny and I’ve just realised its the most annoying song and worst song. lol. fergielicious I hate. oh and ghetto gospel by 2pac. I hate abba(no offence to fans but they suck). hate nirvana, snoop dogg, soulja boy, etc to thee dahaka, I agree with you fully! indeed youre 110% correct!

Answer #60

this week its: womanizer by britney spears if I were a boy by beyonce. ughh gross songs.

Answer #61

I hate all rap music and those bands that most girls at my school are in love with like Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hutchins and all that. Honestly, I actually hate most new music. There are some good bands that are new, and some older performers with new material that’s quite good, but most people just don’t understand real music.

Answer #62

Shorty get loose = lil mama,chris brown and T-pain
all High school musical songs (it’s so gay.. lol) Girlfriend = avril lavigne ft. lil mama I hate every hannah montanna/miley cyrus. song.

and the worst song I ever heard is my sis singing her songs! =P just kidding!

Answer #63

big girls don’t cry-fergie why not-hilary duff shut up and drive-rihanna (I love all her other songs though) lollipop-lil wayne any rap with crap soulja boy I don’t know what the title of this song is, but it goes, “Put your head on my shouuullder!” It’s really old and annoying.

Answer #64

This is why im hot… God he repeats is like a million times in the song it get’s soo old so quickly!

Answer #65

Just about every song that is closely related to rock, that being metal/death metal/etc. Also, anything by Soulja Boy, and almost every modern rapper. Lil Wayne included. Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Common, Nas, and Jay Z are probably the only mainstream artists that I tolerate in hip hop really. I hate country even more than rock songs, techno..just about everything that isn’t true hip hop. Of course I have a few rock songs I like though. Three Days Grace - Never Too Late, Evanescence - Bring me to life, Godsmack - I stand alone. I hope I can find more to like.

Answer #66

I dunno what its called.

But it’s by Girls Aloud

‘I don’t speak french’ I think. It actually makes my ears bleed.

Or Rihanna. shudders

Answer #67

I hate all white songs ( not jo - jo , tynisha keli ) either than that hip - hop and r&b are the best songs . and lil ‘ wayne is the best rapper alive she like him like a lollipop

Answer #68

hahaha I hate party like a rock star its dumb I generally hate all new mainstream rap dont get me wrong I luv da real sht but all the crap they call rap on da radio sounds de same and they are almost all sellouts who only rap to make money its dumb listen to da real sht like some Psychopathic sh*t other than that you aint going to find much good rap any more but yeah im out and Whoot! whoot! juggalo for life…l8r

Answer #69

I agree- all rap is pretty bad, especially ‘soulja boy’, and that ‘party like a rock star’ song. anything by the band supertramp. all disco sucks.

Answer #70

anything by the NAKED BROTHER BAND, they’re music is annoying, and some of the jonas brothers songs just 2 SOS, When you look me in the eyes( just the new version , the old one is cute, the new one plain annoying), and Cruela de vil, by Selena Gomez( her voice is annoying , drives me nutts), also We got the party, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers, don’t really like it

Answer #71

I cannot stand ‘DramaQueen’ by Fernando Ramos…it’s not popular though..I also don’t care for anything that Disney had it’s hands on..such as The Jonas brothers/Miley Cyrus. Things like that.

Answer #72


High school musical makes me want to vomit. Umberella - rihanna (I dunno how you spell her name…) Girlfriend - Avril lavigne. Anything by hannah montanna. Lollypop - Mika.


Answer #73

most hannah montana songs..I like true friends though.. bedd by j holiday.uck.who wants to listen to a song about bed shift work..get’s so annoying…

Answer #74

LMFAO. Thats great… when I read this question before I even read the first answer my brain automatically said “Stars are blind” By: Paris chihuahua face Hilton. Lol, joke. Sorry but thats great. =)

Answer #75

most every country song,anything by chris brown,ayy bay bay,sean kingston songs,lip gloss,the sweet escape,soulja girl,dj unk songs,dj khaled has to be the most annoying person on the planet so pretty much every song hes on,pop my trunk,wow,rhianna songs even though she is extremely sexy,AND MOST OF ALL AVRIL LAVIGNE ATTENTION ALL AVRIL LAVIGNE FANS SHES NOT PUNK ROCK AND NEITHER ARE YOU SHES A PREPPY POSER

Answer #76

umbrella take you there hey there delilah rehab no one crank that soulja boy or watever its called sweet escape gah there is sooo many

Answer #77

I absolutely HATE all Mika’s songs… no offence to any of his fans but I think hes got no talent and is just another sucky pop singer!

Answer #78

I hate basically all rap so that rules out just about anything listed on here. I hate all the stupid new KORN songs. I REALLY REALLY HATE GWEN STEFFANI!!! She was cool in NO Doubt, but now is GARBAGE!!! I really do not like Avril’s little Boyfriend song…it reminds me of an annoying cheerleader screaming. I can’t even describe how muchthose stupid annoying little songs where all they do is say the same thing over and over again…ARG They seriously piss me off!!! My daughter watches Dora the explorer, and the people who write the music on there have a sh*t ton more talent than have the music out there right now… Sorry I am rambling…I just don’t understand how making up a phrase and saying it over and over again is considered music. It’s insanity. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone, sorry if I did, this is just my opinion.

Answer #79

most mainstream music annoys me .. if I am happy I HATE rap but when im my psyhco in my there is no meaning to the world you are sooo idiotic/ funny for trying to make it something I love rap because it shows how empty the worlds is

Answer #80

its ay bay bay. lol. and I hate a lottt of songs. they just piss me off because like there isnt any point to them. like I and D E P E and D E and T by webbie. like are you kidding…? its like funny how bad it is.

Answer #81

hehe im a barbie girl, ina barbie world…haha that song crack me up…

well I HATE that stupid…song…uh what it is? its like “they tried to make me go to rehab…no no no” or whatever…that song is down right stupid…or maybe I shouldnt take it personal…I dunno…all the drama with family members and drinking…it pisses me off to hear a song about…rehab…I dunno…mostly just that one…u guesss…

I use to hate the “my humps” song but now I love it…haha

Answer #82

you have to admit cank that is wicked but if your liven in the atl im sure it gets played a hellva lot so it must be anoying um andy country sux a lot of rock sux (depends) rap reggae r & b hip hop all of that are good but all of the hmo’s out there said they suck becasue they brag about there weath but your wrong retards like look at 50 cent he had like no money and was living in the gutter but he worked hard and didnt fail and look at him now he ahs a multi million dollar house cars even his own drink all the haters got shut down riite tehre because you can argue and say he has no talent or enything because one he does and 2 im not just meaning singing and he talks about girls guns and all of that because if your from ny and in the hood your not going to rap about daises you going to talk about the chalenges

Answer #83

where have all the cowboys gone… cher do you belive… any jewel song…beverly hills-weezer any savage garden song (the cherrry cola one esp..they play it at my work ALL the time.) Celine dion my heart will go on…any simple plan song …any ashlee simpson song…I dont know any of the new stuff because I dont listen to the radio…I am basically listing all the crap they play at my work…ahhh so much more cant think right now though…oh WAIT FIDELITY BY REGINA SPEKTOR!!! f–kin poke my eyes out!!!

Answer #84

Well heathershaw05,

CRANK THAT SOULJA BOY!!! ARGGG!!! Every single dance at my school at least 3 times!!! SOulja biy up in da oh ARGHHH!!! HATE IT


Answer #85

Anything with guns, hoes and the rubbish that American rappers seem so happy with. The best quickest way to undermine a society is through its music - Lenin When the music of society changes the whole society wil change - Plato They weren’t wrong, were they?

Answer #86

Crank that- soulja boy… souldja boy is a joke…rap these days is pathetic, theres only like, 3 people who keep it gangsta and thats gorilla zoe and twista

Answer #87


Well, I already named one, but some others are: 50cent- In Da Club, Can’t Get You Outta My Head- Kylie Menougue, Britney Spears- Gimme More and Piece of Me (I thought her new album was supposed to be good? She probably paid someone to say that… oh well!), Cyclone, Sean Kingston- Suicidal, Fergie- Big Girls Don’t Cry, etc. Ugggh, there are sooo many!

I also agree with the Barbie Girl, Solja Boy, This is Why I’m Hot, Push the Little Daisies (those guys are retarded and the song definately sucks!), Paris Hilton (Who told her she could sing?), Bubbly (especially when someone THINKS they can sing it good along with her)!

One thing I hate the most is when I don’t like a song, but I hear it on the radio so much that I actually end up liking it!

Answer #88

SWEET ESCAPE GWEN STEFARI I HATE IT!! Me personally, I think paris hilton’s song NOTHING IN THIS WORLD is good. but thats just my oppinion

Answer #89

Good Question. I know this was written a while ago but people are still writing because its a good topic.

Here’s what I don’t like:

Take a bow by Rihana [played WAAAYYY more than it should be played] Lollipop by Lil Waye [disgusting] Bubbly by Colbie Callat [stupid with no point] Realize by Colbie Callat [ I guess it’s just her voice?] Love in this Club by Usher [are there no clean songs any more??] Pork and Beans by Weezer [ no point and down right retarded]

Seriously people do you think we want to hear your crap about taking a flippin bow or lollipops or someone being bubbly or realizing they like someone? COME ON!!!

Answer #90

I agree with ash23..its pretty annoying actually. lol sorry, you all Barbie loverrs. =] xoxo[[message me sometime]] ~Callie

Answer #91

I def dislike the bulgarian songs. you may don know them but look at this and you’ll get it clear… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXWnvwGhydQ&feature=related the (female) singers are all with dyed hair (it has to be dyed, the most of them are BLONDE) they have VERY BIG BOOBS I mean VERY VERY BIG (not natural obviously) and all of them wear the same make up (they have A LOT OF MAKE UP) and their songs are all the same the lyrics is the same (it’s usually about love and they sing “kiss me and I’ll be yours”, “I give you my love, give me some sex”, “I can’t stand it anymore, you are with me now and later you do to see her, you make love to her…” you get it right?) and the rytham is the same, all songs are the same, it’s getting BOOORING!!! they are so stupid… sry to hear that, but you are! on their music videos they act like a sluts (?!)… no comment… and their singing ( if you can call that singing)… and watch this, more plastic than this one you can’t be! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDWEXX8Z7VE&feature=related please fun mail me your comment!! =] ;)

Answer #92

Soulja boy HATE IT! I hate pretty much all rap, except the harmless ones like the beatboxing in the backround where youre just saying rhymes, but I hate it because all rap is is Hoes, bling, money, strippers, bars, drugs, and then more hoes, but I guess it all just goes to show, as my good friend Lauren says


Answer #93

rehab/amy winehouse

big girls dont cry/fergie

I hate them annoying

Answer #94

I HATE WITH AN UN-MATCHED PASSION tengo un novio metrosexual…AGHHH I recently moved back to mexico for a year and they wont stop playing that retarded song with that stupid ugly retarded girl in it!!! no one here likes it…for the life of me I have never met anyone that says they like that stupid song!!! grrr so annoying if you go on youtube and watch it youll probably gouge your own eyes out and stick em in your ears!!!

Answer #95

‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt ‘rehab’ by Amy Winehouse ‘Lipgloss” by Lil Mama and many more but I just cant think of any right noww :P

Answer #96

That stupid Crank that song by Soulja Boy..sorry if I spelled his name wrong, I don’t give a crap. It’s annoying. I’ve been to a school dance where ever few minutes they would play that song.

my ‘friend’ loves it (she thinks she’s my friend)…she calls it superman tho LOL

oh, and I think the song your referring to in your question is Ay Bay Bay or something like that. A few other songs I don’t like are Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body, This is why I’m Hot, and Low.

Answer #97

The worst song I have ever heard was a song in the 80’s called “Video killed the Radio Star”. I cannot remember who sings it, but it is so annoying, the girl sings it in a high pitched voice and it makes my ears want to bleed everytime I hear it.

Answer #98

Um.. Rap songs about girls, money, and/or drugs.

Yeah..im sorry to all rap fans. But that covers about 97% of it..


Hehe :)

Answer #99

-Outragous- Britney Spears (I’m not sure why, but I find that song extremely annoying for some reason) -Basically anything Paris Hilton sang -It’s Getting Hot in Here- Nelly (ugh…) -Mostly anything by the Black Eyed Peas (especially “My Humps) -Low- Flo Rida -You’re Beautiful- James Blunt (was okay at first, but got annoying after awhile)

Uh, that’s about it I think.

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