What is the top 10 songs in your itunes?

What are your top 10 songs in your itunes right now?
And what is your favourite song right now?
My top ten are:
10- Feel the love - cut copy
9- Moths wings - passionpit
8- Always more - AutoKratz
7- Postcard - An horse
6- Lights and music - Cut copy
5- This sweet love (prins thomas edit) - James Yuill
4- To be alone with you - Sufjan stevens
3- Skinny love - Bon Iver
2- Shooting stars - Bag Raiders
1- New slang - The shins!

And my favourite song right now is:
Mall and Misery - Broken bells!

So what makes your list???

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ANSWER #1 of 4

Faces- Scary kids scaring kids
The futile- Say anything
Conquer you- Mascara Story
Rocket to the heart- Lovenotepaperplane
Fall for you- Secondhand serenade
Remembering sunday- All time low
Kissing in cars- Pierce the veil
I will follow you into the dark- Death cab for cutie
Discovering the waterfront- Silverstein
To hell and back- Blessthefall

ANSWER #2 of 4

1. the baseballs - hey there delilah
2.the baseballs - hot and cold
3. joshua radin - I'd rather be with you
4. vampire weekend - run
5. boys like girls - love drunk
6. chris brown - so cold
7. paolo nuitini - loving you
8. roll deep - good times
9. professor green - I need you tonight
10. elvis presley - burning love

favourite song atm?? vampire weekend - run

Ahhh what is the song callled!

ANSWER #3 of 4

Just listened to ooh la for the first time. It was really good.
'One last time' is my fav kooks song.

How do you put your sogs onto itunes from limewire?
ANSWER #4 of 4

1. the kooks- ooh la
2. Gary Go- life gets in the way
3. The milkman- Rap music is beneath me
4. Flying lotus- Massage situations
5. Nipsey hussle- rich roll
6. Enya- Boadicea
7. Enya- Carrabian blues
8. Des'ree- You gotta be
9. Imogen heap- headlock
10. Kleerup- Until we bleed

And there we go :)
although I listen to WAY more then just this these are my most listened to songs

Your top ten songs?

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