What is the recipe for ass crackers?

They have pink lemonade and vodka, that's all I know. Do they have anything else in them. And how much of each goes in?

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ha yeah bonging is the best..sweet I might have to try some patron lol

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haha..where are you from? im from mercer county, ohio and all I drink is beer lmao but I'm tired of beer and I love as s crackers so im trying to find the recipe but like no one has it ha..and wtf is patrone

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beer is not bad if you want to get messed up like beer bong and minds are fun games I live in upstate ny all we drink down here is patron and some grey goose patron is some tequila

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oh I never tried that I only drink patrone and hard liquor

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it's the best alcoholic drink everrr ha

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My aunt makes them (in Mercer County lol) and I was told it has Vodka, Lemonade, Limeade, and 7UP in them, but I'm not sure in what amounts.

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