What is the nickname brandi short for?

what is the nickname brandi short for? or is it just random...

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my sisters name is brandi I als had a friend whos name was brandelyn we called her brandi for short

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one of my best friends is called bel randall and from her last name it came from randy to brandi and we were just discussed where the name brandi comes from! just curious lol xx

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no my name is brandi it's not a nick name...my nick name is fuzz.

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brandi isnt a nick name mandi is for amanda thats the closet name thats a nick name I can think of

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I would agree with the sarge... all the Brandys or Brandies I've known have been named just that.

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thats ususally not a nickname most girls names are just Brandi

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no..no no!!my name is brandi its not a nick name!!!people name can be brandi!!

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My good friends names Brandi.. Its just Brandi... So its not short for anything.

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The name Brandi actually isn't a nickname for anything. It is a full name on its own.

Some nicknames for Brandi could be:

* Bran
* Randi
* Andi

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