What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?

What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?

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Never heard of this before, I suggest you go see your doctor he will help you in no time, and im sure its nothing serious =)
hope everything will be sorted for you x

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I am guessing that you may have spotted the little round piece of skin located at the top of your vagina in the opening. If this is what you were questioning it is part of the clitoris and is completely normal every female has one. If this wasn't what you were questioning then it could be a pimple, cyst, boil or something else and I would deffinately see a doctor or if you are embarrassed, I would just ask your mom or a close female relative;

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I doubt that it's a cyst, I don't think normally they are white. Go to the doctor they will be able to help. It could be a lot of different things, it could be a piece of your hymen that's dying (sounds weird but it does happen), it could also be a pimple or boil.

Go to the doctor

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My advice..Go see a doctor. It may be embarrasing but doctors have seen it al before.!

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