What is the hardest sport?

I want to know what sport is the hardest? and how hard you have to work to be good?

Answer #1

MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting. training is 10 times harder than boxing

Answer #2

Boxing by a mile, the training alone, even the basic training would push most people to their limits and leave them exhausted. Then after the training you have to fight some of the powerfulest people in the world, for example Tyson’s punch was the eqvuivalent to being hit by a bus!

Answer #3

sex mate… and at least 6inches to b gd lol

rugby :p

Answer #4

I would say either ice hockey or lacrosse. You have to train really hard and be able to ice skate haha

Answer #5

I believe football is the hardest sport, not the football they play in Spain,etc. I feel it’s harder cause you can get injured easier, but if you have heart for the sport, you’ll do fine.

Answer #6

yep rugby

Answer #7

gymnastics. sounds like a pussy sport? you try it. its fuckin intense

Answer #8

I second Rugby

Answer #9


Answer #10

I would have to say the top 3 hardest sports are

Boxing Hockey and golf

Answer #11

some people would say football or baseball or hockey because those are really manly sports which you have to be stron but believe it or not tennis is a game where you have to be in great shape, have to be fast, a perfect aim strength and precision. just with one racket and a ball you can do all kinds of stoke. Not only the physical side you need to study your opponent’s movement make a game plan pretty much like football just that not with O and X and in tennis is something you do in your mind. Its a very challenging sport as easy as may look on tv

Answer #12

I know someone is gonna have something to say about this but has anyone considered profesional riding as one of the most difficult sports? im talking about F1 NASCAR and Race Bikes. yeah anyone can say they dont physically do anything really. well I just got through watching The Isle of Man TT 2005 and I recall the announcer/host saying that one guy (cant remember his name) had a recorded heart rate of over 230 beats per minute, and that was only during pratice!! what sport out there today is that hard on the human heart?

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