What is the Friendliest State?

Im from England, and I was jut wondering what is the friendliest and worst state in America?

Answer #1

I’m from CT and am very friendly but I have to say, most people from around here are not friendly unless you initiate it. I find people from the South are the friendliest of all.

Answer #2

Ok.. I’m from Texas and we are definately a friendly state. After all, Texas is known as the Friendship State. I’m hispanic and must admit that there are crazy old racist white men here but there are definately a lot of black people as well. The color of your skin only matters to a small percent. As far as New York goes, there are a lot of people there who are very friendly as well. I went up there last year for my 21st birthday and expected people to be rude but they are very friend and helpful. In my opinion the friendliest states are Texas and Arizona. The rudest states and probably California and Illonois.

Answer #3

I live in the south.Alabama.And I’ve heard of southern hospitilty but,never see it.There’s no friendiest state.But the most unfriendliest is New York

Answer #4

The friendliest state…ha! there’s no such thing especially if it depends on the color of your skin. If it was a friendly state, it wouldn’t matter what skin color you are. Duh! Worst state…probably new york just cause people always have attitudes. But whether a state is friendly or not DOES NOT depend on the color of a person’s skin.

Answer #5

I’ve always heard that new york is pretty bad.

Answer #6

Everyone is pissing on NY but as a state it’s fairly friendly. New York City maybe not os much but people there really aren’t as mean as people make them out to be. I live in NJ and in my experience the folks in New York aren’t all that bad. I would however rate my home state of New Jersey as the rudest place possibly in the world I’m sorry to say.

South Carolina is the friendliest state in the union. Southern people and general are very polite and unpretentious and if you’re looking for a nice vacation spot try the Myrtle Beach area. The fishing and golf are excellent but don’t overlook NYC. There are tons of things to do and despite its bad rap people aren’t all that unfriendly.

Oh by the way having visited Texas, NY SC and living in NJ I’ve run into FAR more racist people right here in New Jersey than elsewhere.

Answer #7

Texas and Oklahoma are friendly, I found NY to be friendly but only stayed a few days. I have lived in 5 different states, and currently live in Washington State which I hate with a passion. I find many people here snotty, rude and very selfish. I have made some great friends here, but overall my husband and I hate it here and can’t wait to go back to a place where people aren’t so rude and full of themselves. AND, it’s way to expensive, the constant rain and high prices don’t help either.

Answer #8

“But whether a state is friendly or not DOES NOT depend on the color of a person’s skin.” that statement would only be true if there was no such thing as racism. unfortunately, racism exists, and runs rampant in our country. as such, the color of your skin completely decides how well you are treated, ESPECIALLY in racist areas, like the south. I maintain my previous statement that texas is only friendly to you if you’re white, and I’d like to ad that there are several states in which my comment is also true. I’m not saying it’[s a good thing; simply that it’s true. also, new york does suck. easily the worst state in the union. live the dream


Answer #9

it depends on the color of your skin, but provided you’re white, I think texas is the friendliest state in the u.s. contrarywise, if you’re black, it’s the worst state for you to be in. I recommend california. the people are kinda prideful, but the place rocks. period.

Answer #10

Cambridge University did a study last fall and called North Dakota the friendliest state in the U.S.

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