What is the diffrence between sims 2 and sims 3?

is there a big diffrence? I have sims 2 and dont know if its worth buying sims 3. whats different about it? whats the same? give me detials! is it worth it or should I stick with sims 2?!?!!?

Answer #1

I have sims 1 sims 2 and basically all the add ons like bonvage h+m fashion etc for sims 2 and I love them, but like 2 days ago I went and brought sims 3 and I love it, its so much better you can have more detail in the sims, you can wonder round the whole of the town without having to go to other screens or anything, and when you wanna buy a house, you can choose whether you want it without and furniture and put it in yourself or pay like an extra 5 thousand and it will design the whole house for you which is fantastic xx

Answer #2

yeah sims 3 if your computer is old it wont work is well. But if you have a nice new computer it works great. The town is more meshed together with the home so travaling around town is a lot easier.

I like sims 2 better though becuase its less complicated but it defiantly has less choices in terms of custimization.

in sims 3 a lot of the game is going to include buying furniture and clothing online becuase you have so little options of furniture and stuff like that in the game

especially if your a hardcore gamer your going to find yourself buying custum content and expansions packs.

so a lot downs but some ups I suppose

Answer #3

I think the sims 3 is way better. its more interactive a real. it works faster on my coputer. I like it way better. your sims can go places with out having to wait for a loading screen. the grafics are way better and the sims look better. the only thing I wish they had is better hairstyles. but I think you should tottaly get it ;)

Answer #4

a lot of people are having problems with sims 3 because their not reading the minimum requirements on teh back of teh box…

sims 3 requires a lot more spec than sims 2

Answer #5

shes right. but I really hate when people do that. Add their own question it irritates me.

Answer #6

in sims 3 you can add more detail to your characters…sims 3 is slower…sims 3 can only be on laptops…sims 3 is more cartoony…they can have babies in the hospital…

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