What is the difference between the two?

Whats the difference between Christian and Catholic religion? I always thaught they were around the same, are they?

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Let's put this to bed, shall well?

Closing remark...the Catholic church:
1) Richest church organization in the world
2) The ONLY church that followed the original teachings, that created the bible you're happily thumping around...and that, like it or not, pre-dates the other Christian sects by a good millenium.
3) Given the excuse I've read from every single religion on the planet about things being old therefore, correct...they are more "correct" than any other group, by virtue of age if nothing else :)

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jimahl you are the one who is misinformed. Creation is not the only thing Catholicism disagree with the Bible. They do not follow many things in the Bible. The do not follow some of the most important concepts the Bible talks about. They do not follow Jesus Christ.

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Eternallymisinformed, are you at it again? Your lack of knowledge on this subject is quite clear. Catholics do follow the bible. They just don't believe in the literal verison of genesis. Only a select few of the most narrow-minded christians think we sprang from the ground and did not evolve.

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They Are different People just think its the same.
Catholics They Pray to Saints and to Mary and all these other people . they have a priest and people have to confess to them of whatever wrong thing they did, They have saints in their house that they pray to and all this things..They have the Quincenera and first communion , The holy Water, The priest think their all that and that their higher than everyone else.
Christians Dont pray to the saints and to mary and the Images, They Have some principals of the bible, They have a pastor instead of a priest, They actually talk about the bible , Most of them Dress appropriate To Go on sundays, and they have many many diffrences


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There were two different major splits in christianity. Virtually all christians were catholic up until the great schism in which the eastern orthodox church split from the catholic church. And the in the 15th and 16th century, the protestant reformation led by martin luther, led to the establishment of many different christian sects.

All christianity has its roots in catholcism. Basically all catholics are christian, but not all chrisitans are catholic.

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The basic difference is that Catholicism does not follow the Bible but Christianity follows the Bible.

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yeah they are around the sane thing but is like christian pray thru Jesus whiles the Catholics pray thru Mary.

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They believe the same things, but the way they practice them is entirely different.

Because of that the church had something known as a schism, which is a permanent slip between something. The church split into the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox church. Thats just off the top of my head :)

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Catholic is a denomination of Christianity. I.e. Christianity includes things like Catholicism, Protestants, Methodists etc.

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