What is the best way to finger my girlfriend?

I have fingered a few of my girlfriends in the past but the first one didnt really like it but then my second girlfriend was luvin it. can anyone help me.

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Clitoris! Rub away! just not to rough, we are VERY sensitive there

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make sure she is as horny as posible talk dirty watch a porno but remember make sure she is confortable with it ask her if she likes but you will know if your'e doing it right lol have fun ps. playing with the outside of her vigina (clit) is just as good)

what is the best way to finger a girl?
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well im a girl and i been threw good and bad (not a slut lol) but umm make shure your int he right place cus i had once this guy like soo far from it i wasliek omg can you not feel but faster the better i guess

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the best ways are to find her c spot and her g spot. to find the g spot when fingering her make sure your fingers are facing towards you and press your fingers on that wall while sliding then in and out. her c spot should be located somewher along then top of her clit along the edge. when you hit either of these spots, you'll know about it. ;D

How do I finger my girlfriend?
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Every girl is different hun, while some may love your technique others may find it uncomfortable, thats the beauty of exploring your gf and what she likes. While you are doing it, ask her if it feels good in a sexy way and if not try something else. Be gentle at first to see her response and her body language and if she is screaming for more then go faster. Just mainly keep an eye on her and what she is doing in response, you'll be able to tell if she is bored or its not doing it for her.

What's the best place to start fingering a girl?
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well fer me its amazing when my boyfriend kisses me gently at first but get like progressively rougher. tongue is always fun. and it makes me really wet when he touches me, starting with my shoulders and arms then movin. to my stomach and hips/pelvis area. then he starts rubbing (just simple back and forth) on my pussy through my pants (it feels better through my pants first vs when his hand is immediately in my pants) I like when his hands are warm alright, but when he has my pants off (pants on is a whole other rush) and is actuallu rubbing my clit or fingering me, I love it when his hands are cold. ot sends an intense electric shock thro my whole body. especually when his hands are cold and rubbin on my c/g spots. fer me thats like instant orgasm. oh and it turns me on a lot when he makes me beg for it ;) I don't know why. but it just does. ohmahgawd im soaked just thinkin bout him roflmao. so there you go, im living proof this stuff works lol good luck :)

How do I get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her?
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The best way is to watch a little porn to turn you on, then undress yourself and gently rub the clit get yourself wet. Then insert your middle finger into your vagina in and out, then move on to using 2-3 fingers and rub your clit at the same time for maximum pleasure.

Can you finger a boy?

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