What is the best electroplankton DSiware?

I have DSi points and want to know what a good electroplankton game is. Thanks, and tell me any other good DSi ware. :)

Answer #1

ha! I was JUST wondering this same question, and I saw you posted it like 9 minutes ago.

from what I was reading, the Luminaria (I think thats the way its spelled) seemd like the best bet and really good to begin with. and the Beatnes and Rec Rec were in close second

lemme know if they are good!

Answer #2

hey funandlove!

so I answered your elektroplankton question and I figure I should follow up since I DID end up buying the game. its basicly a game that uses music and patterns. its kinda fun at first (maybe more fun if you’re wasted) but then the fun quickly dies down.

First of all, after getting the game I mentioned to you (Luminarow) I was interested in more of them, so I looked for the WHOLE game to buy. and A) its out of stock, so I looked on ebay to buy it and B) on ebay its like 45 to 75$ and C) I realized, it just wasnt worth it.

Luminarow is kinda fun… for like 6 minutes. the game comes on, you see the concept, play with it for maybe 4 minutes, and then its done. theres really no point to it, but if you like music and making music, it might be fun for maybe 10 minutes. then you just realize its lame. I looked at more reviews and was still interested, so I bot the Beatnes game (another elektroplankton game). Beatnes was a little more fun actually. so I would give it a play time of 15 minutes, maybe a little more if you like making music. but then after that, it gets really lame and it really doesnt have much of a replay value to it because theres no real “game” to it or even a “point” to it. for 2$ its really not THAT big of a deal, and the concepts DO sound interesting (and they actually are), but I would advise getting other games with the money saved from not buying elektroplankton. if you do buy it, you’ll be excited at it for maybe 5 minutes, then you’ll see what I mean by “thats it?!”

if you wanted to play with music in your wii, I would just suggest you put music in an SD card, and you can play with that using the sound program on the DSi. its probably more fun then the ELEKtroplankton games

I just got another game on DSiware which was Piktobits. this game is really fun and the music is also pretty cool. it is a little confusing at first, but theres a tutorial that teaches you and once you get the hang, its easy. and then the upper levels get harder, but thats pretty normal for any game. its kinda tetris like, but its more fun. I would reccomend that game, and any other “ARTstyle” games. (all of the ARTstyle games are 500 points, so you can search for them, that way) they are generally some of the best wiiware and DSiware games.

ok! just wanted to let you know about some games. all in all, I would not recommend you buying elektroplankton games unless you have a couple extra points that you wanna get rid of. it would be better to save up for another game to buy or download. and if you find any more games for it lemme know! I am interested in finding good games for the DS.

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