What is the average weight for a 21 year old height 5'4?

How much should a female at the age of 21 with the height of 5’4 wiegh?

Answer #1

Age usually isnt taken into consideration when looking at a healthy body weight accept for in children- its more to do with your height. A ‘Normal’ weight for someone that is 5’2 is roughly between between 45 & 63 kg (100 - 140 pounds). Look up the Body Mass Index (BMI) for more details. The BMI has problems though because it makes assumptions about muscle and bone mass. Muscle is heavier so if you are very muscly, it would be normal to weigh more. Personally, I think its not about what you ‘should’ weigh, and more about what you are happy with.

Answer #2

Depends on your bone structure, but this is close. (Actually for 25-60 year olds):

Small Frame: 114-127 Medium Frame: 124-138 Large Frame: 134-151

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