What is the age to start swearing?

My brother is in 5th grade and he swears. Isnt 5th grade too young to start swearing? What age is the ippropriate age to start swearing?

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I agree,depending on which on ones he uses like I tolerate a**,tart,sl*t but any other ones life f-words are for adultes who don't care about appropriate vocabulary.

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Well, yes, thats very young for him to just cuss when he wants, and maybe your parents should stop that. As for the age, I think that kids shouldn't cuss at all. Thats just my opinion. Grade shouldn't matter, if your an adult, (18) Then start cussing if you want. (Again this is just my opinion)
- Advice Girl, (:

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Well... It matters to see where did he learn all those words in the first place. Like if he said a b-word and he heard it at home by someone older than him then theres no way he could be too young because all that started at home.
But also is that swearing is all around us, everybody uses it no matter what, so there is no way you can teach him out of that.
But meaby talk to him and let him know wich words are right for him to mention on his age and let him know what they mean and how sometimes it can be rude and hurt a pearson.

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There's no appropriate age to start swearing.

Swearing at ANY age is foul, disgusting, and shows a serious lack of moral fiber (as I see it).
People sound so much more intelligent when they don't swear.

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Theres not an age limit to swaring because people in different inviroments will sware at differant times.. if your parents sware he must think hes cool to do it in school! my advise to anyone is to not sware because really its a lazy way to express your fellings tored something.! im sure everyone at his age are thinking swaring is a cool thing,,,but it really isent it makes people look unperfasinal and childish!...even though he is still a child.. teaching him manners and respect will do him some good in the long run.. as corney and stupid as it sounds... sometimes the good thing to do is not hop on the bandwagon and,.. just follow what you know is right in your heart! because your heart will lead you to secsess your brain will lead you to want and envy!... so appropriate age would be! none!!! its inapropriate to cuss at any age... ! atleast that is my strong oppinion! NOW im not perfect I..I do sware ocasinally ... but im not proud!! and if someone told me it was wrong I think id be a little bit of a better person then I already.. am!!! Not saying sewaing makes anyone a bad person.!

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well there is no certain age where it is appropriate to swear but I did in 5th grade and a lot of my friends did earlier than that but he will grow out of it im not saying he will stop completely but he wont do it as much

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yeradvicegirl is completly right I dont ever cuss and if you choose to then you should wait until 8th grade at least definetly not 5th grade

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I don't think there is an exact age to start swearing. I think kids grow up being told not to swear, so they usually don't, and over time they might slip out a swear or two every now and then, getting more comfortable with it, and it goes from there.

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I wouldn't want my fifth grader blatantly cussing in front of me or if he/she ever dared to use a swear word directed at me, they'd better be feeling lucky and running fast that day, but using these words is completely normal and I see no real problem with it. Words are only words and while using certain words in certain company may be seen as rude or in poor taste, 'swear words' are only 'swear words' because we let them be. You should never swear around older people you respect and always be able to control it. Adolescents like swearing because it makes them feel older and 'cool'. He may grow out of it when he fully develops his vocabulary and if he doesn't, when he's an adult he'll just be a world class cusser able to spit a shockingly great string of obscenities with the ease of a professional.

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