What is public high school like?

I’ve been homeschooled for almost three years and might be going back to public school soon but I want to know what it’s like since it will be my first time at a high school. Like how different is it from middle school? Is it really hard? How do I know I’ll be ready for it? Thanks!

Answer #1

its ok and a gd chance 2 make friends lol x

Answer #2

its the gate to college. Dont worry about subjects Just Hard work gives success thats it. But try to be special. be careful when you choose friends. it completely makes a difference!

Answer #3

…public high school. Its a kind of school where you mustnt wear uniform… You have lots of fun and you also may take part in social life. You will express yourself in a larger scill.

Answer #4

It’s people and society and fun. Of course everythin depends on you and how you biuld the world around u.Juat be yourself and u’ll find your place.

Answer #5

It’s complicated enough to compare high school with the other parts of educational system but I can say that in every type of school there are their specific challenges. But don’t be afraid of it. So if you want to go to high school it’s right desigion anyway.

Answer #6

of course it’s hard! studying is always hard. but if you worry about communication to other people…stop! be yourself. maybe little bit more resolute, even impertinent. because as I see from your post you’re a bit shy. it’s really hard to explain how to get on with people, when for me it never was a problem. try. try. try.

Answer #7

There are also many benefits in studying in a public high school. You are allowed to wear what you want, for instance. But at the same time it requires much more work than in middle school, you should be more chargeable for what you’re doing! Do your best)

Answer #8

It’s a bit harder than middle school, that’s a fact. You have to pay closer attention than you do in middle school and you certainly get a bit more homework, depending on your grade. Unlike middle school, you can wear just about what you want, but it must follow the dress code.

You’ll do fine as long as you’re being yourself and around the right people.

Answer #9

Heey! I went to public high school my whole life, but going into high school from middle school was scary for me too, as it is for everyone else. of course high school is more challenging than middle school but thats because you’re learning new things, but thats not to say high school is so difficult you’ll be spending all of your time studying and you’ll never have any fun in high school anymore…thats not true. high school is a lot of fun and public school can be great because you get a lot of social time and have the opportunity to learn greater things! Nothing to worry about, you’ll find high school will be something you’ll have to get used to (just like anything new) but remember everyone else around you is going through the same thing because they are all freshman too. just be yourself, do what you like and you’ll meet cool people who you can get a long with!

Answer #10

Public highschool is what you make it. If you go and talk to people be friendly and stuff like that then your going to make a lot of friends, and friends are good to have. If you go and act weird then your going to become a target to get picked on, trust me I see it all the time. You have to pay attention a lot more than in middle school because your going to have way more homework. If your nice and friendly to your teachers, but not to friendly, to your teachers then they will go easier on you like escuse you from homework and help you out if you have missing assignments. If you become good friends with people, you can get people to do your homework for you for you. Or you can pay someone like $50 bucks to do your homework for a x amount of time. your main possie, the group of people you hang with the most, are going to be the people you can count on and trust the most. But really aslong as you have a lot of friends, your main possie, arent weird, and pay attention in class, then you will do just fine..

Answer #11

I think it’s easier than being in a public middle school. Social-wise I mean. I guess high school is just more fun. The school work is okay, you should know how to do things yourself ie. self studying. You’ll meet new people, and build strong relationships. Go for it :] go to a public high school

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