Is 'passed' correct to use as a euphemism for 'dead'?

Sorry if this is gonna sound dumb. As some of you may know, english is not my first language.

I know ‘passed away’ is used as a euphemism of when someone dies.

Is ‘has passed’ also correct to use? How about ‘passed on’?

if they’re not gramatically correct, are they socially accepted or can they be used for informal conversations?

Do you use ‘has passed’ or ‘passed on’?

Thanks. :-)

Answer #1

Yup. Either or.

Answer #2

everyone I know including myself use either “‘passed on”‘ or “‘passed away”‘

Answer #3

Yeah. It more respectful than just saying “They died.”

Answer #4

I think it doesn’t really matter you can use them both or the one you like. It’s your choise.

Answer #5

You can use passed - it’s acceptable.

Answer #6

Or ‘Passed over’.

Answer #7

I use has passed it has a more respectful meaning passed on… that sounds almost as if you were saying they go on a train

Answer #8

thanks for all your answers :-)

my sister was flagged by her supervisor for using ‘passed’ instead of ‘passed away’. We’d just like to know if ‘passed’ is acceptable in everyday language there. Apparently, it is acceptable, I wonder why her supervisor flagged her. :S

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