Is it bad if there were little tiny cork pieces in the wine?

I have some wine, but there are little tiny bits of cork in it, is it bad if I drink it?

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Nahh its not bad for you, most people end up with some cork in the wine. You can always run it through a siv if your concerned.

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Sieve, people. Sieve.

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It may be a little gross, run it through a fine mesh siv to get out the cork pieces.

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It never hurt me!
Although, I wouldn't break out that particular wine for guests. ;)

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Thanks, and no, I'm not planning on giving it to anyone.

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I'm about to drink some wine that got some tiny pieces of cork floating in it because I don't have a corkscrew. I don't want to waste the wine. I think I'll probably be fine, but will write a follow up comment to let y'all know for sure.

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