What is Funadvice "India" ?

I’ve noticed recently that Funadvice has “India” after it. Did that just change or has it been there all along and I never notice? . And what is the significance of it? Is one of the Funadvice owners located in india?

Answer #1

LOL, nope. It’s a technical glitch with our caching system that we put in place in June.

So far this year, we’ve launched in three more countries: UK - http://www.funadvice.co.uk/ China - http://www.funadvice.cn/ India - http://www.funadvice.co.in/

New Zealand (because they speak English & it’s easy, lol) is on our list, and localizing the Chinese version with the help of one of our programmers is also on the list. At some point, because we’ve already acquired the German domain name (funadvice.de) we may consider a German version, as well, but we only have so much time…

To date, there is only one other Q&A site that’s available in more localized versions than us :) As they are run by one of the largest internet companies around, we’re pretty happy with the fact that we’re in the 2nd most countries (localized, at least, by TLD) of all the many q&a sites out there.

Hope that helps…in the next month or two we should be able to fix the bug so only the US logo shows on the FunAdvice.com domain.

Last, to answer the question of where we’re located: I’m in Cupertino, California - aka, Silicon Valley. esconsult1 (my partner) is in Miami, Florida. My wife (another owner) is right here as well, in Cupertino. My older brother (hi funguy) is in San Mateo, aka, just up the street about 30 minutes. Our talented & savvy programmer, Harish, is in China. Last but certainly not least, our editor & community manager, aka, editor, is in Florida as well.

So with one exception, we’re all located in the US. However, between the three owners, I’m the only one who’s originally from the US, as the other two were both born & are citizens of other countries, however, esconsult1 & my wife are bothe permanent residents of the US.

ok, maybe that was too much info, but, you did ask :)

Answer #2


Now I’m curious. Where are enconsult1 and your wife citizens of? My boyfriend is a citizen of England but a permanent resident here in the US.

Answer #3

My wife is a citizen of Maldives (tiny group of islands in the indian ocean, very small country). esconsult1 (as long as he doesn’t mind me saying so) is from Jamaica.

Answer #4

Hehe, I had to ask. Thank you! :)

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