What is emo?

Hey guys,what the real meaning of emo?How emo dress like?And what are some emo bands?

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I know many “emo” people. Not all of them cut themselves. Just because you cut yourself, that doesn’t mean your emo. “Preppy” kids can cut themselves. ANYONE can. It doesn’t make you emo.

And FYI..

Emo is a type of music. Not a label.



Answer #2

what the hell im 11 and im a cutter but I dont dress or act emo but I still cut myself and I think im a real person and I dont have a problem with people cutting them self

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I know its short for emotional. they’re pplez who dress…scary, not always they have their hair covering their face some cut their wrist… hmm just lots to say

Answer #4

Here is a good website about REAL emos www.emo-corner.com I picked up a lil’bit of there articles 4 u =]

The Term emo When you are refering to someone has being emo, you are usually are stating that they are sensitive, or have a emotional personality. emo truely is a type of music that started in the eightys and is rapidly moving back in its popularity. It’s a sub genre of punk music which has grown to be more popular then punk it’s self. Each and every day more and more emo bands are coming out. However, emo most commonly is refered to as a type of fashion.

What does emo mean to you? We love to hear everyone unique opinions on what emo means to them so send us your thoughts on what emo is to you. Most peoples common perception of emo is someone who is very emotional. Some people just consider emo to be a sense of style.

Emo hair becoming Very Popular with Emo Kids emo hair has sharp edges and shapes. It does not always have bangs, but it usually does have some chunky sections twisted or pulled in a direction that conflicts with the rest of the hair. Girls and guys have emo styles of hair, and they are pretty much the same. Girls might have longer hair than guys, but they usually do not have hair past their shoulders.

=] hope I helped,trust me I’m a REAL emo none of that poser bull crap!

Answer #5

what the f*ck!! Yall have a problem with emos? Their people 2. They just have more serious problems. your acting like thee freaks, or a type of musc. An there is nothing wrong with cutting urself!

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wow do you like want to be emo or something? its really sad that you want to label yourself like that. emo is a stereotyping word that means basically depressed cutter. CUTTING IS NOT A FAD it is a disease. I hate how its all “in style” now. thats so stupid.

Answer #8

all ya’ll are stupid!!! do you know how emo originated? it comes from the type of music, emotional hardcore. most people like the emo’s we have today listened to emotional hardcore music, and so the shortened it and just started calling them emo. no, emo’s dont have to be depressed, and no, emo’s dont have to cut themselves. im emo/scene. im not depressed, actually rather happy with my life. and I absolutely DO NOT cut myself. actually one of my friends (the most preppy person u’ll ever meet) cuts herself. didnt think that’d ever happen didja? so do me a favor and stop labeling people.

Answer #9

There is no such thing as “emo”. I am called “emo” every day, jusy because I wear black, have long black hair, and I used to be a rather depressed person. People that are considered “emo” are usually depressed, look gothic, or are rather anti-social. Bands people consider “emo” are My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Fall-Out Boy, and Marilyn Manson. Hope I could help. =)

Answer #10

Emo started as a sub genre of non mainstream music which slowly evolved into a “culture”, if you will. It developed a unique style and personality, b ut unfortunately it gets confused with scene. Those idiotic morons who cut themselves and crap like that while claiming to be emo just for the attention are called scene kids, and they give emo people a bad name. In case you don’t already know, the term emo stands for emotional. An example of an emo band would be Jimmy Eat World. I’m glad you’re one of the few people who actually cares to know what emo is instead of just bashing it over things you’re not sure of. I hope my explanation helps.

Answer #11

xxaloneinlifexx is right. I know it came from music and everyone goes around telling me that im not a label and like insulting me! ya know, my friends tell me im emo but im not the one claimin it! so if they tell me im emo well I have to live with it and that is that! its my choice if I want to be emo or wathever I want so quit judgin peopleee!!! you dont know if they have problems or feel alone or feel rejected by you guys and you make it worse when you hurt them with all your talking about emo being somethin ridiculous and maybe when you hear the word “emo” you first think of cutting. well im telling you that im emo and I DONT CUT MYSELF!!! that doesnt make you emo! so the people that like goin around sayin that emo or goth or punk or anything is something for childs or its something stupid well shut your mouths because it really hurts! so please stop doin that. it only makes it worse. ok im done. I think its confusing what I wrote but if you dont like it then go to hell…

Answer #12

Emo is defined in several ways. But let’s face it… everyone these days are too stupid to admit that emo has now become a trend, and no one’s taking it seriously any longer. Also, all those people who claim it’s a music genre? Screw that, no one believes it’s just a music genre anymore, it’s now become a label, and anyone’s who not a total blonde should know that.

Answer #13

I agree I think emos are sensitive people and I like them I like to be there to help them. and emo isnt just a music genre emo can be fashion and its good because there proud to be EMOS…and not all emos are depressed bacause I dout 4 one minute thousands ov kids can be depressed and turn emo why not go do some research just like I did you might find you like emos… and for all the people that dont like emos…GO SUK ON THIS>>>

Answer #14

really are you people naturally this stupid or do you have to try I mean SHUT UP IF YOU PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOUR TALKIN BOUT damn stereotype crap

Answer #15

lol that pic is true… but if your emo your sad & you just dont give a sht not all emos cut && just because you cut doesnt make you emo && why does everybody hate emos …because they r [different] in my oppian emo are people 2 they just think different && what if people started hatin the preps or the jocks or anybody else it wouldnt fell so good would it ?… && btw there is a BIG difference between rockers punks sk8ers goths && emos *remember that people

Answer #16

for the most part emotional. & there is emo music & people. so stfu emo h8rs!!! im emo. you don’t have to cut or look emo to be emo!!! I do cut…but I don’t think its cool. I don’t make it obvious. & I don’t look emo but I am so keep your emo h8n comments to urself!!!

Answer #17

if you cant see the pic then heres what it says “go ahead and freakin diss all the little emo kids. just remember they dont care what think of them. biotch… lol

Answer #18

emos rule soo if your hating on us then fukikng burn in hell your so mean!

Answer #19

It doesn’t matter how you dress. It doesn’t matter how you look. All that matters is how you FEEL. If you are emotional and sad. If you are a dreamer and wish for things that give you a heart ache when you think of them because you don’t think it is possible for you to get. THAT is emo. THAT is what we’re about. NOT dressing black. It is not what we display ourselves as because that can always be a mask, covering up ouselves.

Answer #20

I have not heard about Emo before now, and I think it is a very sad thing to be one, or to want to be one. If you are a Emo, go see a doc…you need it.

Answer #21

There is a such thing. Just for the record, emo’s are just emotionally disturbed people. the look into small things that you wuldnt even think of, there sensitve, and they feel like there is nomeaning in life. they cut so they can see if there is pain, which there isnt. Just because people cut and dress like emos doesnt mean there emos. emos have real problems, real feeling, unlike all of you son of a beaches

Answer #22

wow do you like want to be emo or something? its really sad that you want to label yourself like that. emo is a stereotyping word that means basically depressed cutter. CUTTING IS NOT A FAD it is a disease. I hate how its all “in style” now. thats so stupid.

Answer #23

Emo is supposedly all the red and black, sidefringe and slitting your wrists while listening to my chemical romance. But thats all crap. Emo was originally an abbriviation for a genre of music, EMOtive rock, but then it morphed into a stereotyping word.

Answer #24

EMO…The first time I heard that I don’t have an idea what that’s suppose to mean. Some of my schoolmates & classmates claim to be EMO…according to some it means EMOtional…some says

Emotional Music Overdose

I bet that the real EMO is related to music…but people who are called EMO are usually in black, rather depressed and sometimes rebellious people, listen to rock music like My Chemical Romance songs, their long black hair over their face (at least covers half of the face), wears dark black eyeliners(at least that’s what I’ve obsered from those claiming to be EMO)…and the worst…wrist cutting…

My “EMO” friend always cuts her skin using blade…and that’s not just right…

I really am not into being “one of them”…

But originally, EMO doesn’t refer to people but to music…just don’t know how it happened to be a stereotyping word now…

Answer #25

IM GETTING PISSED NOW!! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS NOT EMO!!! it really isnt people everybody says that emo people listen to mcr and all theyr songs are emo but thayr not get the facts I bet all the people that just commented that sayd mcr is emo dont even listen to them and maybe half of you dont evn know what emo means and emo isnt a style its a life choice or a music genre formed I think the in 80’s

Answer #26

okay first off dont do friggin research on “emo” just b/ because you think its a friggin fashion statement emo is a music genre NOT A FASHION SENSE and I am so sick of people labeling themselves just to fit in if its not u dont even try

Answer #27

Emo’s can dress in any colors, not only black! they can even wear preppy style clothing. Just because you look EMO doesnt mean you are. and you people telling EMO people to go see a doctor need to shut up! some EMO’s have deep emotional damage and have a hard time or a big fear of talking to someone about that. EMO’s are emotional people, not only people who cut themselves (which you dont have to do that to be EMO). so stop being jerks and giving advice on things you dont know about or understand. If your not EMO you cant understand what EMO’S go through

Answer #28

emos a people 2. by the way im no fcukn emo. but people should jst leave deas people alone. so what if there weird there people 2

Answer #29

emo is roughly translated into fag…its real easy to be emo…make it seem like life is terrible, b*tch bout it enough, cry here and there, and make everyone that comes in contact with you want to punch you in the face

Answer #30

ok people always call me emo. what the fck im not emo yes I may be sad or depressed often but I’ve alson gone throurh a lot of sh!t, yea I’ve cut but that dont mean fuk all its my way of escaping from the world and everyones bullshit like honstly why cant people get lives and STOP fu(k!ng judgeing people let everyone live the way THEY want to live THEIR live YOU can live YOUR life the way You want. JUST LET ME LIVE MINE THE WAY I WANT WITHOUT BEING HARRASED AND JUDGED

Answer #31

emo is dressin in black they cut themselves and like preschool tea party massacre,as blood runs black,I killed the prom queen,job for a cowboy if you want more info ask me

Answer #32

Yeah, emo was originally EMOcore music, not emotional or emotive. And the cutting is B.S.

Answer #33

for short emo mean emotianal

Answer #34

I agree with Heather really, ugh emo people are morons, same with the scene people wannabes!

Answer #35

btw MCR is not an emo band

Answer #36

“emo” is a stereotype that america has defined as “black hair with long a* bangs, tight clothes, cutting, hardcore music, etc…” but its not true. many other people say that “emo” is short for “emotional”. but the truth is its just a stereotype, just like “prep” “jock” “scene” “skater” and whatever else you can think of. personally I dont let anerica define me by there stereotypical bullsht. emo is mostly a music genre, and the people who fallow all the stereotypical “emo” trends, are pretty much posers trying to fit in, or not fit in, or are disliked by stupid b*tches so they choose to use “emo” as a fix to be different, but have you ever noticed how they almost all look the same. find other ways to be different. or use martin luther king jr.’s quote “its the content of your character”. note: this was not made to offend anyone, I dont agree with america, so dont blame me for stating what THEY think!

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