What is better, pizza or sushi?

Is pizza better than sushi
Is pizza healthier than sushi

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Pizza by FAR

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I could go the rest of my life eating nothing but muguro, unagi, and hamachi and be perfectly happy. The flavors of fresh sashimi and well-made sushi-mechi are so complex and subtle.

I can only eat a piece or three of pizza, but I could gorge for hours on sushi.

As far as healthy is concerned, it depends on what you mean by 'healthy.' Can you eat the same amount of pizza as sushi and expect no weight gain? No, because pizza is far more calorie-dense. Can you live a healthy lifestyle eating only pizza? Yes, as long as it is in moderation and the types of pizza are varied, and in fact here in NYC, there was a man last week who just completed a 30-day pizza diet and lost 20 pounds. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle on sushi would probably be a lot easier.

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pizza tastes a whole lot better to me, but really sushi is healthier than pizza!

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UHM DOLCE AND GABBNA HELLO! what is wrong w/u!?
Pizza pwns Sushi!!!
Damn you fail if you like sushi better.

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sushi all the way :)

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well it all depends what kind of pizza I love pizza.but sushi is way heather the pizza that for sure.

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Pizza is way better tasty then sushi but sushi is healthier.

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Dont *lol* me maggot. -_-

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lol Irene

Pizza as well,I can't eat something that's dead,grosses me out.

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Pizza :-O


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okay pizza is good but just too original.
sushi is fun and they'r is tons if diferent types:p

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I like pizza better but I bet sushi is healthier

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I love both! <3 Nomnom~ I'm hungry now.

I think they can both be healthy. Because Sushi isn't one of those foods with too much fats/oils. And pizza can contain some healthy things in it such as veggies, fruits, etc. But I think Sushi is healthier.

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Sushi is good and healthier then most say.Pizza is just flour with cheese and sauce added to it and dough which isn't healthy by far

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