What is better a ps3,xbox300 or a wii?

What do you think is a better gaming system out of the ps3,xbox300 or wii?

Answer #1

if you want free online gaming and so on. then ps3 and wii are the best

Answer #2

the wii, defently. it has so much more physicall activuty and a large varity of games.

Answer #3

Ps3 for it’s advanced graphics. Wii games get boring too fast

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Answer #6

ps3 online is free and wii games get boring after a while (except super smash bros brawl)

Answer #7

I think the Wii is the best. The games are quite fun. They have a lot of games where you can get good physical activity in also, so that’s always a plus. :)

Answer #8

I’d say Ps3 cause I’ve never heard of them overheating, and they have good graphics.

Wii’s a workout system, and I’d recomend it only if you want to work out, and skills.

360’s come in the middle of them, but one disadvantage is that they overheat a lot. and could have problems after 2 years.

But ima 360 fan! soo I’d get PS3 lol

Answer #9

sorry to ruin what you just said spongebob but I’ve had an xbox360 since 2007 and it’s never overheated. sure it gets hot but it doesn’t causes problems. the reason I would recommend an xbox360 above a PS3 is because of two main reason’s 1) HALO, it seams like a dumb reason but once you start playing the games you’ll realize how amazing it is and how loyal the fan base is. 2) I’ve used both an Xbox360 and PS3 and the xbox gamepad is sooo much more comfortable in your hands. but with the blueray and really slightly better graphics it’s really up to you. as for the Wii, it’s ok if you’re a casual gamer or are getting it for the exercise. basically its a party system, if you’re not working out or just fooling around bowling with a bunch of friends or family it’s pointless.

Answer #10

Guy (18): Its honestly totally up to you. Look at the games and then decide. What types do you like playing? Some games are only for the 360 or PS3. So if you’re a Halo fan then get a 360… if not then I would recommend getting a PS3. This is because they have a blue ray disc reader so you can watch blue ray movies and you dont have to pay to play online. It is a bit more expensive but I think it is worth it because you dont have a monthly/yearly fee and you get a free blue ray dvd drive.

Answer #11

ps3 has better hardware, but not the games to take advantage of it. 360 has a good game line up this year, and project natal, so it seems like a good idea the wii is the wii. id reccomend the 360 over the ps3 if you like shooter games id reccomend the PC for strategy games and id reccommend the wii for everyone else

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