What are three derived words from Aphrodite?

I’m doing a project with myths for school and I need three words that are derived from the goddess name Aphrodite (the word, what it means, and how it came from that goddess. Thanks.

Answer #1

Yup, mikeh is correct on the derivative of “aphrodisiac”, but Aphrodite was technically the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality (not sensuality and desire–more in line with “aphrodisiac”‘s meaning– although they can be causal). Personally, I am extremely interested in Greek and Roman mythology (I took multiple courses on it–from literature to philosophy–in both high school and undergraduate university). Aphrodite’s story is extremely interesting, so some background might help you here.

“Aphrodite”, the word in itself, is derived from the prefix: “Aphros”. Aphros is the Greek word for “foam”, and her name literally means “she who is born from the foam”. – it may be viewed by immature kids as somewhat obscene, but “foam” here alludes to the mixture of male ejaculate and blood, spewed from the ancient Sky God, Uranus, who existed before the Greek gods of Olympus, after his penis was cut off violently. (At least in Greek mythology).

Greek mythology says that Aphrodite was born from the cut-off genitals of the Sky God (also known as the “Sky Father”). Cronos, the Roman god of Saturn (look at that, “Chronos” means time–“chronology”, another derivative) violently cut off and threw his father (The Sky God/Father’s) penis/genitals into the ocean. After this violent act, foam spread from the sperm and blood mixture, mixing with the sea – and then Aphrodite stood from the water–as a fully-grown, breathtaking beautiful goddess.

(Maybe you could use this myth I explained to claim “chronology” as a derivative, since it comes from Chronos, the person who directly caused Aphrodite’s existence?)

Interesting also, to the Romans, Aphrodite was known as “Venus” – so maybe look at derivatives of that? (Your teacher may be impressed).

Thought: Your assignment may not ONLY mean three derivatives of the word “Aphrodite” itself but could also pertain to derivatives from words and names used in her myth, such as Chronos and Venus as well?

One last interesting fact, I just found online (didn’t know this): “Plato considered that Aphrodite had two manifestations, reflecting both stories, Aphrodite Ourania (“heavenly” Aphrodite), and Aphrodite Pandemos (“Common” Aphrodite). According to Plato these two manifestations represented homosexuality and heterosexuality, respectively “ – (source: http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/Aphrodite.html). Could you therefore argue that according to Plato, the concepts of homosexuality and heterosexuality were/are derived from Aphrodite?

Good luck.

Answer #2


Found some words beginning in “Aphri–“ and “Aphro–“ some related to Aphrodite in context!!!

Aphrite: A variety of calcite (mineral); referring to foam because of its appearance. (see “foam” explanation in my previous answer)

Aphrizite: A variety of tourmaline; from the foam element because of its appearance of bubbling when heated. (see “foam” again)

Aphrodita: In zoology, a genus of the order of Molluscas; also known as, “sea-mouse”. (see “sea” reference in myth above)

Aphrolite: Block lava (related to myth / Aphrodite by spewing of lava comparative to spewing of foam)

So you could use any of those, plus Aphrodisiac. (And / or also use the site below to find derivatives of Venus and /or Chrono?)

Source: http://www.wordinfo.info/words/index/info/view_unit/163/?letter=A&spage=11

Answer #3

The term ‘’aphrodisiac’’ is taken directly from her name. It is a substance used to induce sexual desire, and she was the goddess of sensuality and desire.

Answer #4

hermaphrodite - an animal or plant with both male and female reproductive organs, or someone with ambiguous genitalia. Comes from Hermes and Aphrodite, something to do with one of their children but cant remember the story.

technically, hermaphrodite comes from the name of hermes and aphrodites son (Hermaphroditos) so it may not count. On the other hand, the name is derived in part from Aphrodite so I say it counts!

Answer #5

Thanks guys! =]

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