What is a Sophmore & freshman ???

Im not from the US and was wondering what is a sophmore and a freshman? and im guessing senior is above those two? what are the levels of high school ? see where im from we just call it High School thats all…

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im not from usa either,, but here in england we only go to school till 16 so it weird that you go until 18 .. also I just worked out that what you call like 8th grade is actually year nine(so same as 10th grade to you) to us and what you call 9th grade is actually year ten to us ,, I looked it up as I was confused that people in grade 9 to you were 14/15 while people on year 9 for us are 13/14 :D

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It might help to know that after high school, if you go to a 4-year college, the terms freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are used again. They basically mean your first, second, third, and fourth year at a four-year school.

Freshman are the newest students, in their first year.

Sophomores are second-year students. (Sopho-more literally means “wise fools,” like “sophisticated moron;” these are the ones who think they know their way around but aren’t very big yet.)

Juniors and seniors are the older students who are supposed to be more serious. Juniors have one year left before graduation

Seniors are the oldest students, in their final year.

These are mostly just names, an excuse to dramatize your place in the school. It’s much more satisfying to tease a “freshman” than a “ninth grader.” A “senior” sounds more impressive than a “twelfth grader” or “eighteen-year-old,” even though these are words for the same person.

If you are experiencing the US as an international student, you might want to know about some other high-school phenomena:

Often, US high schools have a junior and senior “prom,” or fancy dance, near the end of the school year.

Only juniors or seniors are allowed to buy tickets (though others may be invited as dates).

For many students, Prom is very important – who you go with, what you wear, and whether you embarrass yourself in the process can be discussed for months.

Homecoming is another big social dance, nearer the beginning of the school year.

Two students, usually seniors, will be elected as “homecoming queen” and “homecoming king,” and may wear special costumes, ceremonially start the dance, ride in parades, etc. Homecoming usually follows a big football game, which the home team is supposed to win, in the fall.

(While we’re on the topic, a “Sadie Hawkins” dance is one where the girls are supposed to invite the guys.)

In the US, a lot of your social status depends on your own personal standing or popularity.

The class you are in in high school, what sports you play, or what job you have, are more likely to impress people than who your family is, what religion you follow, or where you are from.

To escape this social trap, many young people (and adults) deliberately find friends who share a common interest outside of work or school, such as animals, art, theater, music, hiking, politics, church, or family.

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LMFAO!!! sexualettiquite: “if you guys are going to answer the question at least inform him it’s SOPHOMORE not SOPHMORE.” I THINK I NEARLY DIED LAUGHING. =D

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for high school it goes freshman = 9th, sophomore = 10th, junior = 11th, and senior = 12th.

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=p I love all the little freshmen when they first join because their all like ‘OMG WHERES THE TOILETS!!!’

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In the U.S., there are 4 years of high school for most schools.

Freshman-9th grade. Sophomore-10th grade. Junior-11th grade. Senior-12th grade.

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Freshman is the first year in high school, then comes the sophomore year and then your junior and then lastly your senior year it was kinda confusing to me when I first got here because I am from mexico but you get use to it

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um well see the first level is 9th grade so its called Freshman…then the 2nd level is 10th grade and its called sophomore and the third level is juniors which is 11th grade then the last level is 12th grade which is seniors the last grade in high school

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9th grade -Freshman 10th grade - Sophmore 11th grade - Junior 12th grade - Senior.

I am a Freshman (all the people pick on the freshman :{ )

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freshman means your first year in highschool which is 9th grade and sophmore is the next year which is 10th grade. junior is 11th grade. & senior is 12th grade the last year of highschool.

hope this helped :D

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freshman are the students entering high school for there first year(9th grade) sophmores are the second years (10th grade) Juniors are the third years (11th grade) and seniors are the last years (12th grade) then it starts all over in college…

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There are indeed US schools that include 8th grade at the high school levels. In at least once such school, the 8th-graders are referred to “Sub-Freshmen” or “Subbies”.

As stated elsewhere, 9th-12th grade and 1st-4th year in college are referred to as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.

In college, students in their 5th year or above will often be referred to as “Super-Seniors”

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Ok, the levels of highschool are. 9th grade = Freshman 10th grade = Sophmore 11th grade = Junior 12th grade = Senior.

After 12th grade begins college. Hope that helps :D

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Im fron Wales and we start comprehensive (High School) in year 7 ( Grade 7) and we dont have middel school . Im in grade nine and I’ve been in High school for 3 years now :) so the countried are really different . x

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if you guys are going to answer the question at least inform him it’s SOPHOMORE not SOPHMORE.

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a freshman is just another name for someone who is in 9th grade… sophmore is someone who is in 10th grade…a junior is someone who is in 11th and yes senior is in 12th grade above all

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Okay, 9th grade- Freshman 10th grade- Sophomore 11th grade- Junior 12th grade- Senior

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8th grade is included in middle school, not high school.

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What about grade 8 is that included in highschool? I’m not from the US either.

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Yeah alot, cause where im from its just high school and thats years 8,9,10,11,12 although year 11 & 12 is the senior years !! Thanks later

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Well its Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

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I love it when all the freshmen first join because they all go ‘OMG WHERE’S THE TOILETS!!!’ I just laugh and send ‘em in the opposite direction then I ROFLOL

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So what if your an undergraduate at a university in England, like me :)), what would that be called in America?? Is it different whether you are in 1st/2/3/4th year etc. first years are called Freshers in the uk. Thanx

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a freshman aka freshie is when you 1st transfer 2 high school(9th graders)…& a sophomore is a 10th grader…freshman is more of thing used 2 pick on tha 9th graders…2 all us older kids…every 9th graders name is freshman or freshie.

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Freshman = ninth grade Sophmore = tenth grade Junior = eleventh grade Senior = twelfth grade

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It going freshman,sophmore,junior,seniors. but we also call it high school. Freshman mean 9th grade, sophmore is 10th grade,junior is 11th grade, senior is 12th grade then gradatuation

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A freshman is a 9th grader. The youngest of them all. They can be concidered Fresh meat. Freshman is when you are in your first year of highschool. Sophmore is 10th grade. Still lower class in highschool but no longer the fresh meat or the new kids. Then you have Juniors they are upper class men but they are 11th grade. Seniors are the highest of them all, 12th grade. The are the king, the big dogs. When your a senior thats your last year of school.

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Here in Trenton We Dont Call People Freshman Some do Anyway We Call The Bucket Lolz its True FRESH MEAT

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freshman- 9th grade sophmore- 10th grade junior- 11th grade senior- 12th grade

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Freshman is 9th grade (1st high school grade in most states) Sophomore is 10th grade Junior is 11th grade Senior is 12 grade (last grade in high school)

These are all the grades in highschool..


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Then What Are Years 7 and 8?

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Ok so In england, we have. Primary School: INFANTS Reception:4-5 Year1:5-6 Year2:6-7
juniors: Year3:7-8 Year4:8-9 Year5:9-10 Year6:10-11 HIGH SCHOOL Year7:11-12 Year8:12-13 Year9:13-14 Year10:14-15 Year11:15-16 Sixth Form: 16-18 I think thats it, hope its helpful x

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Freshman is 9th grade, Sophomore is 10th, Junior is 11th and 12th grade is Senior. hope that answers your question.

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