What is a movie thats related to jane eyre?

Ok.. So I have an english essay and I have to find a movie that has to do with the theme of love and passion from the book jane eyre by charlotte bronte.. I have no idea what movie to choose

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that didnt really help… it cant be the actual movie.. it has to be different

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Jane Eyre has engendered numerous adaptations and related works inspired by the novel: [edit]Silent film versions Several silent film adaptations entitled Jane Eyre were released; one in 1910, two in 1914, plus: 1915: Jane Eyre starring Louise Vale.[3] 1915: A version was released called The Castle of Thornfield. 1918: A version was released called Woman and Wife. 1921: Jane Eyre starring Mabel Ballin and directed by Hugo Ballin.[4] 1926: A version was made in Germany called Orphan of Lowood. [edit]Motion picture versions 1934: Jane Eyre, starring Colin Clive and Virginia Bruce.[5] 1940: Rebecca, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based upon the novel of the same name which was influenced by Jane Eyre.[6] Joan Fontaine, who starred in this film, would also be cast in the 1944 version of Jane Eyre to reinforce the connection.[7] 1943: I Walked with a Zombie is a horror movie loosely based upon Jane Eyre. 1944: Jane Eyre, with a screenplay by John Houseman and Aldous Huxley. It features Orson Welles as Mr Rochester, Joan Fontaine as Jane, Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Reed, Margaret O’Brien as Adele and Elizabeth Taylor as Helen Burns. 1956: A version was made in Hong Kong called The Orphan Girl. 1963: A version was released in Mexico called El Secreto (English: “The Secret”). 1970: Jane Eyre, starring George C. Scott as Mr Rochester and Susannah York as Jane. 1972: An adaptation in Telugu, Shanti Nilayam, directed by C. Vaikuntarama Sastry, starring Anjali Devi. 1973: BBC miniseries starring Sorcha Cusack as Jane Eyre and Michael Jayston as Mr Rochester. 1978: A version was released in Mexico called Ardiente Secreto (English: “Ardent Secret”). 1983: BBC series starring Timothy Dalton as Mr Rochester and Zelah Clarke as Jane. 1996: Jane Eyre, directed by Franco Zeffirelli and starring William Hurt as Mr Rochester, Charlotte Gainsbourg as Jane, Elle Macpherson as Blanche Ingram, Joan Plowright as Mrs. Fairfax, Anna Paquin as the young Jane, Fiona Shaw as Mrs. Reed and Geraldine Chaplin as Miss Scatcherd. 1997: Directed by Robert Young, starring Ciaran Hinds as Mr Rochester and Samantha Morton as Jane Eyre. 2006: A TV adaptation originally aired on the BBC from 24 September 2006 starring Ruth Wilson as Jane and Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester. Shown in 4 parts. [edit]Musical versions A two-act ballet of Jane Eyre was created for the first time by the London Children’s Ballet in 1994, with an original score by composer Julia Gomelskaya and choreography by Polyanna Buckingham. The run was a sell-out success. A musical version with a book by John Caird and music and lyrics by Paul Gordon, with Marla Schaffel as Jane and James Stacy Barbour as Mr Rochester, opened at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on 10 December 2000. It closed on 10 June 2001. Jane Eyre, opera in three acts, Op. 134 was composed by John Joubert in 1987–1997 to a libretto by Kenneth Birkin after the novel. An opera based on the novel was written in 2000 by English composer Michael Berkeley, with a libretto by David Malouf. It was given its premiere by Music Theatre Wales at the Cheltenham Festival. Jane Eyre was played for the first time in Europe in Beveren, Belgium. It was given its premiere at the cultural centre. The ballet “Jane,” based on the book was created in 2007, a Bullard/Tye production with music by Max Reger. Its world premiere was scheduled at the Civic Auditorium, Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 29 and 30, performed by the Kalamazoo Ballet Company, Therese Bullard, Director. A musical production directed by Debby Race, book by Jana Smith and Wayne R. Scott, with a musical score by Jana Smith and Brad Roseborough, premiered in 2008 at the Lifehouse Theatre in Redlands, California[8] A symphony (7th) by Michel Bosc premiered in Bandol (France), 11 October 2009. [edit]Television versions 1952: This was a live television production presented by “Westinghouse Studio One (Summer Theatre)”.[9] Adaptations appeared on British and American television in 1956 and 1961. 1963:Jane Eyre. It was produced by the BBC and starred Richard Leech as Mr Rochester and Ann Bell as Jane.[10] 1973: Jane Eyre. It was produced by the BBC and starred Sorcha Cusack as Jane, Michael Jayston as Mr Rochester, Juliet Waley as the child Jane, and Tina Heath as Helen Burns. 1978: Telenovela El Ardiente Secreto (English The impassioned secret) was an adaptation of this novel. 1982: BBC Classics Presents: Jane Eyrehead. A parody movie by SCTV starred Andrea Martin as Jane Eyrehead, Joe Flaherty as Mr Rochester, also starting John Candy, Eugene Levy, and Martin Short in supporting roles.[11] 1983: Jane Eyre. It was produced by the BBC and starred Zelah Clarke as Jane, Timothy Dalton as Mr Rochester, Sian Pattenden as the child Jane, and Colette Barker as Helen Burns. 1997: Jane Eyre. It was produced by the A&E Network and starred Ciaran Hinds as Mr Rochester and Samantha Morton as Jane. 2006: Jane Eyre. It was produced by the BBC and starred Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester, Ruth Wilson as Jane, and Georgie Henley as Young Jane. [edit]Literature 1938: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier was partially inspired by Jane Eyre.[12][13] 1961: The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart adapts many of the motifs of Jane Eyre to 1950s northern England. The main character, Annabel, falls in love with her older neighbor who is married to a mentally ill woman. Like Jane, Annabel runs away to try to get over her love. The novel begins when she returns from her eight-year exile. 1966: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. The character, Bertha Mason, serves as the main protagonist for this novel which acts as a “prequel” to Jane Eyre. It describes the meeting and marriage of Antoinette (later renamed Bertha by Mr Rochester) and Mr Rochester. In its reshaping of events related to Jane Eyre, the novel suggests that Bertha’s madness is the result of Mr Rochester’s rejection of her and her Creole heritage. It was also adapted into film twice. 1997: Mrs Rochester: A Sequel to Jane Eyre by Hilary Bailey 2000: Adele: Jane Eyre’s Hidden Story by Emma Tennant 2000: Jane Rochester by Kimberly A. Bennett, content explores the first years of the Rochester’s marriage with gothic and explicit content. A fan favorite. 2001 novel The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde revolves around the plot of Jane Eyre. It portrays the book as originally largely free of literary contrivance: Jane and Mr Rochester’s first meeting is a simple conversation without the dramatic horse accident, and Jane does not hear his voice calling for her and ends up starting a new life in India. The title heroine’s efforts mostly accidentally change it to the real version. 2002: Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn, a science fiction novel based upon Jane Eyre 2006: The French Dancer’s Bastard: The Story of Adele From Jane Eyre by Emma Tennant. This is a slightly modified version of Tennant’s 2000 novel. 2007: Thornfield Hall: Jane Eyre’s Hidden Story by Emma Tennant. This is another version of Jane Eyre. The novelist Angela Carter was working on a sequel to Jane Eyre at the time of her death in 1992. This was to have been the story of Jane’s stepdaughter Adèle Varens and her mother Céline. Only a synopsis survives.[14] [edit]References


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Did you actually read it?

1940: Rebecca, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based upon the novel of the same name which was influenced by Jane Eyre

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