What is a good, unique name for a photography buisness?

What is a cute, creative, unique name for a photography business? One that catches ones eye and sticks. You know how "abercrombie" has absolutely no meaning at all, but is known worldwide!? I want it like that! Please help!

Also, didn't I just type this? ahaha

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haha those were my favorite aswell :)

I think crombiezoom is my first favorite.
I liked crombie becoz I was watching a zombie movie then I thought camera started with a C so I changed the Z into a C then zoom is because yu zoom into picturesss :D

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lol, cant think of anymore

Good credit
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thank you! I like imaginecreation\ and crombiezoom! you are very good at this

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please help me!! even if it is stupid to you, it may not be to me. the longer the list the better!

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ha I don't know thats all I have :]
I tried :)

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