What is a good thick batter for onion rings?

My dad finally bought flour. and I want to make onion rings for lunch tomorrow. is there a difference in thickness if you dip the onion in milk then flour vs mixing the milk and flour? should I salt the batter/flour or salt it after the onion rings are cook? do I need baking powder for the batter? I only have flour, salt, pepper, water, milk, baking powder.

Answer #1

Milk and flour get more concentrated, burn easier, and take longer to fry , you put the onion in the milk first, salt the batter and only a few grains for good health, what gets salted when cooking gets extra-crisp, baking powder gives a bad taste, and makes frying more complicated, it gets bitter and irritates the stomach

Answer #2

Step 1: You will need:

* 2 large onions , peeled
* 75 g flour
* 2 tbsp corn starch
* ½ tsp baking powder
* a pinch of paprika
* ½ tsp sugar
* 1 egg , beaten
* 120 ml milk
* 1 ltr vegetable oil
* salt and pepper , to taste
* 1 cutting board
* 1 knife
* 2 bowls
* 2 trays
* paper towels
* 1 saucepan
* 1 slotted spoon
* 1 fork
* 1 whisk 

* Serves:
* 4
* Preparation Time:
* 10 minutes
* Cooking Time:
* 10 minutes


  Step 2: Preheat the oil

  Before you begin making your onion rings, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Allow it to heat up hot enough to fry, but not to smoke.


  Step 3: Slice the onions

  As the oil is heating, cut the onions into circular slices of about 1cm thick, using a large knife. Now separate them into rings and place them on a tray.


  Step 4: Mix the dry ingredients

  Combine the flour, corn starch, baking powder, paprika, sugar, salt and the pepper in a bowl and with a whisk, stir it together briefly.


  Step 5: Combine the wet ingredients

  Add the eggs to the milk and whisk together.
  Then pour this mixture into the dry ingredients and combine it together with your whisk until you are left with a lump free smooth batter.


  Step 6: Fry

  To check that the oil is hot enough to fry, carefully drop a battered onion into the hot oil. The oil should fry it lightly and take time to brown it. Therefore, the onion will be cooked through and the batter will be super crispy. Now gently dip some of the onions into the batter and coat well. Then place them into the hot oil using a fork.
  Let them cook in small batches, so they won't stick together. When they are fried on one side, turn them over to fry and brown on the other side. The process takes about 3 minutes. When are they are lightly golden, place onto a tray lined with kitchen paper to drain.


  Step 7: Serve

  Just before serving, season with some salt and serve your perfect crispy onion rings, immediately. They go very well as a side-dish with steaks and hamburgers or even as a snack all on their own.
Answer #3

The one time I made them, they were overcookied, but, we used a recipe that had buttermilk in it…those that weren’t undercooked were tasty. I think it’d be worth trying one batch, and then adjusting the proportions as needed if the taste isn’t good.

Also, don’t overcook :)

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