What is a good comeback for someone that just called me a hoe?

This person on a social site (we use to be friends) and now shes calling me a hoe so what should I do

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Say just because guys actaully like me, doesn't make me a hoe, b*tch(:

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im not a hoe and thats why I dont argue with hoes like u

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haha say you a hoe and yo mom a hoe making a hoe dum hoe it will get to her

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just look at the person. dont make any faces or say anything just look at them. it gives them time to process what they just said and how stupid it sounded.
their comback will probally be stupid

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Tell them they have bad breath.

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if you really dont like the person reply "im not like you im not a crusty disease ridden wh*re"

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look @ you then look at me now tell me ,
who's a hoe again ?

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The best thing you can do is walk away. Very little good comes from arguing and name calling.

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ha, call her 'a nasty´╗┐ deep-throat wh*re' :D

lmao, hope I helped?

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ANSWER #10 of 15

"why did you call me a gardening tool?"

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Just ignore her. the same thing happened to me. She most likely has nothing else better to say. and if she's saying this online and not to your face she's just as wimp.

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"calling me a hoe just tells me i can get better guys in bed than you(:"

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Tell her/him, honey just because I'm popping and u is not don't mean u can call me a hoe, but anyways u can do it if u want to, although I know I'm not, lol baby girl/boy I aint stressing over ur silly joke.

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just say since when do u know a thing about my sex life

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hoe? as in the gardening tool? awe xx. gardening tools are used in the garden. the garden grows flowers. flowers grow in dirt. the colour of your teeth ;]

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