What's your favorite airline and why?

I’m curious about the different airline choices. If you have to fly cross-country, which airline would you suggest? Why? What does it offer? What makes it better–service, cost,etc?

Answer #1

My experience (from both the traveling passenger and as a Controller, points of view), I find Delta to be very professional…Have a great flight !!

Answer #2

my parents and i always fly jetblue because the price is reasonable. they also have personal t.v.s installed in each seat that gives you a map of where you are and has many channels, this makes the flight that much more pleasurable. Plus, they really do have the most leg room in coach!

Answer #3

For International flights I have always favored SwissAir because there have never been any delays or problems.

For domestic flights, generally I like Delta or American because, again, no problems.

Answer #4

SwissAir is really nice. whatever u do, don’t go with British Air. They lost my luggage and then when they returned a week later the front pockets from my suitcase were completely ripped off. And it was new.

Answer #5

well, I personally LUV Jetblue.Why is so simple;it has little tvs on the back of each seat! those other cruddy airlines DONT! u just GOTTA go Jetblue!!!

Answer #6

United lost my luggage, my wife’s luggage, and my kids luggage. Twice. After that experience, I would recommend trying anything other than their services.

Answer #7

I have traveled alot in my life time. -British airlines suck. Bad service, bad seats. I reccomend not flying with them if u can. -Quantas(not quit sure how to spell that) It is a Austraian airline and very good. -Swiss air-Is pretty good. I have only flown short distanc with them so i yeah. -US airways, just came back from a trip with them. They are ok. But Asian aircrafts are the best, trust me. The reason is that they are newer. Usally there airports are better too. When u r flying longer distanc u get ur own little tv. Where u can chose a language and a movie. And u can see how fast, how high, how far to go till u arrive where u are going on the screens or on another screan (i don’t quit remeber). (On the newer airplanes here in america they might have it too, i don’t k now).

Answer #8

I like Delta and Southwest

Answer #9

I prefer 5 star airline(s) Better people to serve you,food,quality & etc.

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