Which hurts the most to pierce?

In your opinion what hurts most put in order from hurts most to least: getting pierced: ear cartilage belly button tongue nose eye brow lip?? Add more if you can think of em

Answer #1

hmm, well out of those I have only had my ears and eyebrow done, but obviously the eyebrow didnt hurt, and the eyebrow didnt hurt at all, it’s just skin, so it’s just a little pressure =)

Answer #2

Nose and ears is fine. I have to lip piercings, the right side, which I did first was fine. Though the left side which I did a few months after hurt a bit. It got infected which was really annoying, I felt like taking it out, but I didn’t, because I knew I would regret it, and now it’s fine. I think the only reason my right side got infected was because I took it out after a week lol, so…

Answer #3

eyebrow really hurts a lot. I heard nipples hurt the most. I am going to get my tongue pierced and I heard it doesnt hurt.

Answer #4

its the tounge, belly botton didnt hurt on me, and cartilage i barely felt.

Answer #5

Cartilage piercings are the worst without a doubt! It stings like a b*tch and then aches afterwards. My tragus piercing was the worst for me.

Answer #6

personally I found the scrotum to be quite pain ful

Answer #7

my nose didnt really hurt, untill after when I touched it or even moved it.

Answer #8

id say cartilidge and umm like collar bone or septum cus those just like suck

Answer #9

piercings feel nice =D I even get a discount

Answer #10

my nose hurt by far the worst out of all my piercings..and I have my tongue, belly button, and my ears are a 1/2 inch

Answer #11

eyebrows- painless tongue- clamp hurt worse than the piercing itself (take advil) nose-virtually painless but more painful than the rest lip- hurt after about a day and hard not to have it get infected clit- almost painful (I advise no intercourse) (which I have 4 of) nipples- virtually painless but they get caught on just about everything (I have 3 on each nipple) I have all of these pierced and the lip was the worst because of the infection

Answer #12

my nose ring hurt like hell. when I fell out I said o well cus im not getting it redone. neither my top or bottom navel hurt. My cartilage def gav me problems. o had to sleep nbetween the pillows. so my nose ring was the worst, then cartilage, and last my navel

Answer #13

Ears don’t hurt at all. Cartilage included. Nose doesn’t hurt. You can just hear the “pop” it makes. Belly is not bad at all. It’s just a slight pinch. Tongue piercing doesn’t hurt when it happens. But yes, it hurts a few days after. Eyebrow is just shocking, being so close to your eye with a needle. But it doesn’t truly hurt. The lip ring is very uncomfortable. Labret is painful after it’s done.

Answer #14

clit feels real nicee im 9 years old

Answer #15

earlobes-didn’t hurt at all ear cartilage-all of them hurt really bad I have three self done nose-didn’t hurt at all even less than earlobes tongue-hurt a little bit but not that bad, the healing sucks it swells and gets really swollen

Answer #16

my belly hurt my cartlage didnt and im getting my tounge so I don’t know about that one.. but im 12

Answer #17


OK, I can help you from my experience.

These are the things I have had pierced (although right now, I only have my tongue):

Ear: Pretty painless

Eyebrow: I’ve had mine pierced twice and barely felt it, and it was also very easy to heal (because nothing really touches it)

Tongue: Didn’t hurt while it happened, but hurt in the 4 or so days after, when it swelled and I couldn’t eat.

Lip: Horrible. Hurt and was uncomfortable even a couple weeks after getting it. I eventually took it out.

Cartilage: The worst. Painful, and difficult to heal.

My boyfriend has his septum (like a bull nose ring) and a vertical labret (a vertical lip ring) and neither of them gave him any trouble. He’s pretty hardcore though.

Hope that helps. I can’t tell you anything about a bellybutton or nose, but you’ve had your bellybutton pierced from what I remember so yeah.

Good luck!

Answer #18

I got my Rook done and that was pretty painful. I’ve also got my belly done and that didn’t hurt at all. Its different for everyone.

Answer #19

people are sayin gettin the nose peirced hurttss?? I was about 10 year old when I got my nose peirced and it didnt really hurt then.. I always said to my friends that it was just like getting your ears peirced.. your eyes really water when you get you nose peirced tho because it is soo near to your eyes hope thats helped a little :] xxx

Answer #20

Clit, is deffinetly the most painful I know from experience nose and eyebrow didnt really hurt lip and septum hurt like a nig tongue hurts afterward my navel got infected so I took it out but my clit feels nice by the way im only 9

Answer #21

nose. def. nose.

Answer #22

I pierced my nose myself and it wasn’t bad, just make sure you’re doing it in the right spot and cartilage doesn’t hurt at all.

It really depends on the person and how well they can take pain.

Answer #23

The tounge has to because it has TONS of nerves!! Mine did when I got it done and after that. Its also take a lot of time to heal due to it being a muscle.

Answer #24

I would say that the lebrea(chin) hurt me the most!!!

Answer #25


Answer #26

i hear your tongue really hurts, then lip, nose belly button, ear lobe and my three cartledges I didn’t even feel.

Answer #27

nose. def. nose.

Answer #28

prine albert (through end of knob!)

Answer #29

vertical industrial (upper helix-rook-conch) is shockingly painful.. the worst I’ve had. lip is manageable. eyebrow/ears/cartilage/nose barely hurt.

Answer #30

I have my eyebrow, marilyn,belly button, and my nipple done and I used to have my nose (twice) and I had my labret done at one point . Here is the order I think they are most painful to least painful

1.Labret 2.Nose 3.Nipple 4.Marilyn 5.Belly Button 6.Eyebrow And Last Are My Ears Wich I Did Myself.

Answer #31

I’ve had my eyebrow, nose, tongue, ears, cartilage, but nipples are by FAR the worst. It honestly feels like someone bit of your nipples.

Answer #32

Alright, here is what I have had:

Lobes- My lower lobes obviously hurt because I was only like, six when I got them done, and then I did the rest myself, and none of them hurt. Obviously self piercing is bad, so don’t do it, but yeah, I also stretched my first lobes to a 4 gauge in a matter of like three days, which kinda hurt, but it was worth it.

Inner Helix- OW! I can safely say this was tied for the most painful piercing I have, out of 14. I didn’t think it was gonna hurt too terribly, but it goes through a lot of bone and makes for a very uncomfortable experience. The healing process has been long too, and I can’t sleep on it some nights without discomfort.

Upper helixes- I got two of these, side by side. Funny thing is, the lower one actually hurt the most. I was expecting lots of pain after my inner helix, but got almost none for the higher one. However, the lower one hurt pretty badly; I felt a very sharp pinch… I couldn’t sleep on them for a while and it still hurts a bit a few weeks later, but I like the way they look.

Tragus- I did it myself, not wise, actual piercing didn’t hurt, but it was just a mess, so I’ll leave it at that.

Sideburn- A very unique piercing, and a very pretty piercing, but not necessarily one I would recommend. The clamps hurt a lot, the needle hurt quite a bit, and the insertion of the jewelry was pretty horrible, and my piercer had to have someone help him. I could sleep on it that very night with almost no pain at all, but it is currently rejecting, and it has only been about three months. The holes are very itchy and red, so I may have to take it out soon which will suck.

Bridge- Everyone who sees this and doesn’t have it always asks me if it hurt or if it goes right through the bone. The answer to both is no. The bridge was very unpainful, the healing process was fast, but it bled A LOT when I got it done which made me very faint. But the pain factor is not there and it gets a lot of attention if you enjoy that.

Septum- I heard mixed things about this, but don’t listen to people who say it doesn’t hurt. Kay, it may not hurt everyone, but there’s HUGE discomfort with this one. Even when I hit my nose the wrong way sans the piercing, it makes me eyes water, so sticking a needle through it made my eyes literally like, drip out tons of water. It also felt like a sharper pain than any piercing I’ve had and wasprobably the closest I’ve come to fainting.

Answer #33

I got my belly button done it wasnt to bad…painful when I tried to move around thos first couple of days.! My eyebrow it felt like sumthin was stuck to my face and my cartlige fcking sucks I hate that damn piercing I took it out the shyt hurted for months.! Now I wanna get my tounge pierced kinda scared though

Answer #34

You’re tongue doesn’t hurt at all. Seriously. The most painful piercings are the tragus, rook, conch, snug, gauges, nipples, genitals and eye brows. And even those only hurt for a few days.

Answer #35

ears:no pain. navel-(bally button):feels kinda like a bee sting for a few seconds. eyebrow:doesnt hurt,I never felt the needle go in at all. but after you walk out into the wind it kinda stings lil bit but not 2 bad. im not sure bout any other piercings. but I dont think they’d hurt at all. but then again I like pain. and yes I am eMo.

Answer #36

I don’t know much about other ones. But Bellybutton doesn’t hurt. It just feels like a little pinch. Regular ear piercings don’t hurt either, cartilage ones for me hurt more the lower down on my ear they are. I hope this helps (:

Answer #37

im having my tongue peirced in a week , how long do they leave the swell bar in for and does it leave you with a large lisp?

Answer #38

umm the number one would be…well i peirced everything mi self except mi nose…nd i havent dont mi tongue…yet but i wanna soo…i say tongue first cuz everone says it freekin kills…then…everything else i did didnt actualli hurt… but in order…nose→→→for half a sec,lip,belly button,ear,cartilidge….nd thats it!…i no its a little wierd i just turned 13 like 2 months ago…nd i hav all those piercings but when mi nd mi friends r board i pierce mi self i dont no y…i guess the feeling of pain gives mi a rush…im not emo hehe

Answer #39

do eyebrow piercings hurt im getting mine done buht I just wanna know and im 13 so its kinda scary I have had my nose and belly piercing and the nose hurts a lil because it makes your eyes water lol

Answer #40

I have had at least 14 piercings, most self done.

Ears[lobe]-didn’t hurt at all, and healed well with proper care.Gauging them also is painless as long as you don’t skip gauges.

smiley[the flap of skin on your gums by your front top teeth]-suprizinly, this one didn’t hurt really, It didn’t feel to well when I ate warm foods so I ate popsicles for a week :P

tongue-didn’t hurt when I got it done but it hurt through the healing. It’s really quick, but healing’s long.

navel-almost painless, very quick pinch. healing isn’t too bad.

Septum[middle of nose like a bullring]-everyone said it hurts like hell but it was just a quick pinch for me. I barley felt it. However the healing is painful. The peircing is VERY tender, and you risk infections for almost 3-6 weeks. If you get an infection it could lead to death.

Industrial[cartilage, a metal rod that goes from top of your earto bottom google it for pics]-depending on wea you get it,it doesn’t hurt that bad. The clamphurts more then the needle. It’s a strong pintch, and since it has two puntures you risk double the infection. this piercing was BY FAR THE WROST healing process for me. I couldn’t sleep on my right ear for a month and It is still tender.(2 months later) but it’s a very cool piercing.

lip[libret,snakebites.]not that painful,but you can feel hte needle go through all teh layers of skin. Make sure your peircer is fast. Your lip will swell and bleed and bruise a bit but other than that it’s fine.

lip[monroe, madonna]-for me it was more painful than snake bites, but the healing was fine.

bridge[between your eyes on the birdge of your nose]-I don’t have thisone but my friend does and he said it hurt bad. he described the pain as a ripping feeling and burning. the healing was tender.

Hips-14 gauge needle…hurt really bad. and You have to be careful because it has a HIGH risk of rejecting[the body pushing the piercing out of the skin, and it gets infected]

collar bone impants-they hurt but it’s worth it. if you get implants it’s quite painful, but surface piercings are not as bad.

cheeks[I haven’t had them]-when my friend got her cheeks done she cried a bit. they hurt like ell. everyone I know that has them said it was VERY painful.


Answer #41

In your opinion what hurts most put in order from hurts most to least: getting pierced: ear : 0/10 cartilage: 3/10 didnt hurt to pierce but took ages to heal belly button : 1/10 tongue :not yet nose : a lot of people say it doesnt hurt, but I got it pierced in one of the worst places, and it hurt me so I gotta say 6/10 eye brow :never got it done lip?? 3/10, piercing doesn thurt but afterwards it can do Add more if you can think of em

Answer #42

ok well i have my nose and my ears pierced and my ears didnt hurt at all and my nose felt like someone pinched me..

if your that worried about ti use some numming cream

Answer #43

ear–didn’t hurt at all

cartilage–Didn’t hurt when I got it, but the healing process was long, and painful.

belly button–Didn’t hurt at all, the clamp really does hurt more than the actual needle

tongue–While getting it done it didn’t hurt, but waiting for it to heal took a while, and it hurt–not the worst I’ve gotten though

nose–I didn’t feel anything, and the healing process was fine. Sore for a day or two then any trace of pain was gone.

eye brow–A little pinch, but other than that didn’t hurt. It was quick too..The healing didn’t take that long..Not much touches it.

lip– Getting my lip done was a b**ch..The healing was worse, I eventually took it out and let it heal.

Answer #44

Well I have my ears pierced 3 times . I have the top of my ear pierced once . my tragus . and my nose . people say the nose hurts . but it really doesnt . XD I didnt feel anything . people say the tragus hurts , but once again . I dont think it does . XD . my normal ear piercins didnt hurt . but the top of my ear hurt . XD . but im still getting a helix percing . and my lip done 3 times (: . I’d say that wrist piercings would hurt the most . maybe tounge piercings too . but I know a lot of people that said it didnt hurt . its just after it XD . hope I helped . ?

Answer #45

ear cartlidge doesnt really hurt if it is on top but mine is till sore and i got it when i was 13 now im 17 belly button doesnt really hurt infact the clamp that holds your skin hurts worse then the piercing my friend got an eyebrow ring and she sai it idnt hurt at all the only part that hurt is it got ripped out ummmm a nose i heard hurts alittle but isnt that bad and i heard the tounge is the worseas well as the lip.

Answer #46

I have done all my piercings myself the ones that hurt the most were my septum and my tounge. my cartlage wasent too bad though, neither was my eyebrow. but I actully thought my lip felt good. although it was a monroe not a labret which may had something to do with it. my belly boutton hurt pretty bad though, but my experence probably wasent the best one considering the needle broke off in my skin.

Answer #47

1&2- ear and eye brow not bad at all

3- belly button doesnt hurt, the clamp hurts but the needle you barely feel

4- lip doesnt hurt too much I love playing with mine

5- nose hurts for the whole day you get it but its not too painful

6- tongue hurts rediculous when the needle goes through and very painful if it gets swollen and its uncomfortable

7-cartilage hurts! very difficult to heal and its painful to sleep on I got mine at age 15 and til I was 18 it got infected and everytime I took it out it bled putting it back in

Answer #48

ill put them in order. i only have gotten my ear and my cartilage peirced but i know the order of which hurts the most to least

1.nose 2.tounge 3.lip 4.eyebrow 5.bellybutton 6.ears 7.cartilage

there are even more painful ones. the most painful of them all is a nipple peircing. then theres cheek and the monroe which dont hurt as much but they still hurt

Answer #49

ill put them in order. i only have gotten my ear and my cartilage peirced but i know the order of which hurts the most to least

1.nose 2.tounge 3.lip 4.eyebrow 5.bellybutton 6.ears 7.cartilage

there are even more painful ones. the most painful of them all is a nipple peircing. then theres cheek and the monroe which dont hurt as much but they still hurt

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