What happens when you drink to much green tea?

I’ve been drinking lemon, honey &lemon , and citrus green tea for two weeks! Is I’d bad or good. And what happens when you drink a lot of tea? If its good then how is it helping my health?

Answer #1

Green Tea BARELY has any caffine depending on the type of green tea it is. I personally love green tea! I drink so much of it every day! About 4-5 cups! Its not bad for you, unless its ALL that you drink, then thats bad!

Green Tea does wonders for hair and skin and for dark circles, on me, thats why I drink it so much, for the health and beauty concerns!

Well good luck! <3

Answer #2

Well probably nothing from the tea. what you have to worry about is drinking too much water from the tea. you can die from too much water

Answer #3

Is it sugared cause all I drink is green tea decafinated with sweet in low and im just more energized lol

Answer #4

I drink a lot of green tea, I haven’t noticed any ill effects- green tea is supposed to be a great source of anti-oxidents, I also think that green tea has a lot of caffeine in it. I drink the arizona brand with ginseng and honey. I love it and generally drink that instead of soda pop.

Answer #5

Well, I think that too much of almost anything is probably bad for you in some way but I’ve found that some of those specialty type teas like ‘Sleepy Time’ can make you go to the bathroom a lot, if you know what I mean #2.

Just drink it in moderation.

Answer #6

Dear not_your_puppet, Green tea contains caffeine unless it is decaffeinated. So if you are drinking a large amount you are doing damage to your body. Green Tea contains almost as much in one cup as a cup of coffee. Drinking a large amount of any liquid can flush the body of vitamins and minerals causing many other health concerns. Green Tea is not regulated so most sold don’t contain anything beneficial to you. Sue…good luck

Answer #7

Green and black teas actually have about the same amount of caffeine. The difference is generally in the actual tea, and not whether it’s green, black, or other. Tea does not have as much caffeine as coffee, though, and it also thought to bind with the polyphenols so that it doesn’t absorb as quickly. Tea also has amino acids like L-Theanine which help to counteract any ill effects. I am particularly sensitive to the medium term consequences of caffeine and have actually greatly benefited from drinking tea, even in great quantity.

Anyway, lots of green tea isn’t going to hurt you. Keep in mind that in Asia tea is the main drink and is consumed in very large quantities. I drink upwards of 3 liters of tea per day without any issues, and in Asia they can drink even more.

Answer #8

Tea in general has less caffeine than coffee. Normally brewed black tea has about half the caffeine of typical coffee and green tea has about half the amount of black tea.

It is believed that there are health benefits from drinking green tea. Studies have show green tea to help prevent cancer, diabetes, harmful effects of stress, and strengthen our immune system.

If you are drinking green tea all day you might want to cut back though. Like katwoman says, too much of anything can be bad for you.

Answer #9

green tea is a good thing to have- though my mom and everybody else keep telling me dont drink too much green tea- but I love it and I can live on it whole day- I haven’t seen any adverse effects so its okei but do add a 2-3 cups of normal water [room temp or a little warmer]- cold water is harmful as it keeps the fat in place and doesnt let it burn [I really dont know how to explain] but switching to warm/hot water help weight loss too… dont worry and drink up…

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