What happened to Eminem?

why doesnt eminem rap anymore?

Answer #1

People think that Lainie is his kid, but she isn’t. She’s Kim’s sister’s kid.

Answer #2

I have a good mind to not really care what any one thinks that is their opinion on a entertainer not a political leader so act like f**king adults

Answer #3

Dear eminem lover 650, I’m not talking I’m typing…Everyone has an opinion and yours 650 sucks, how old are you? 12? You dont know much about music but then again his crap^is targeted to 6-15yr old juvenile delinquent’s . Whats that song where he raps about sticking a dildo up his a$$ that might be about his real life. Hes so fake all he does is talk shhh about people that cant defend themself like britney, backstreetboys, gay a$$ icp, or old white ford. He dont say shhh about real rappers wonder why, have you ever heard that song “eminem’s mom”? You know why he dont have a comeback song for that one, or all the others? because he’s scared of real rappers. They’re in Houston f@g650. I personally know 3 or 4 that could freesyle him into crying and wetting his pants. Best…The best joke in rap history is more like it haha. The best are in Screwston you little queenB! Thats my opinion and if you dont like it, lick it, the dickit. Thats right! Donomite!

Answer #4

Lol donomite you’re a fucin fagit. You might not like Em but he actually did fuc up ja rule when he made a diss about him. But yea, he never made a song about a dildo up his a$$ although you would like to see that, it never happened. Quit spreading your fantasies about him and grow the fuc up.

Answer #5

He got in a rap battle with Benzino and Ja rule and his homies from D12 and g-unit backed him up but onced he fked up Benzino and Ja he gave up to chill with his kids and btw don’t think he’s comin back

Answer #6

he is more on the producing side of things these days

shady records / aftermath

Answer #7

hmm. dunno. hes always been the best- but I think hes focusing on his kids rite now, and since he got back together with kim, I think theyre main priority is to make their family work out this time. so hes takin a break im gessin. he made his goodbye album- the re-up.

he’ll be back I bet.

Answer #8

I think he ran out of aliases. Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers…He gave us too much of himself already. I just can’t imagine what the hell he can rap about now that he’s out of personalities. I wish he could come out with a new album though, he can rap about Obama! hehehe. After his 3 albums though, I kinda had an Eminem overload. Too much of anything is not good. I think he should come out not as another personality but himself, all grown up, mature, because his fans from back in the day are all grown ups now. I miss him. I can’t wait for his next CD!! ~Erika

Answer #9

Hes fat lazy and depressed because his shht sucks and one of his friends died he sits at home all day blazin herb. No new album thank god…after his 2nd album he sucks he’s another vanilla ice. Hes focusing on how not to be a douce bag.

Answer #10

He has one kid (not kids), and he and Kim have been broken up after their second marriage for a while now. He probably has something going on right now. He certainly isn’t in the public eye right now.

Answer #11

ok, eminem is going through rough time, so he trying to get his life back together and at the same time he is trying to support his daughter, so he a good person and also a father role, he gaven up his singing career all just for his daughter…so give him a break…

ok eminem haters, first of al… if you fking hate eminem den why the fk are you guys looking him up? get a common sense and do us a favor, get the f**k out of here and diss micheal jackson, thanks…tk care dumbass…

Answer #12

didn’t you know white rappers get more dope than black? Eminem surely must be suffering with HIV-AIDS.

Answer #13


Answer #14

I don’t know but he was the best dam white rapper out there ;lol

Answer #15

I Dunno “| Kinda Depressing Though, I Love His Music. Most Of I Made Me Cry ..

Answer #16

no clue all I know is he sucks bad

Answer #17

Hes still out there. Heard somewhere thats he’s making another album

Answer #18

because he sucks on ice

Answer #19

I know. obvi. its easier to say, since he officialy adopted her, now, she is his kid.

Answer #20

because he sucks…

Answer #21

actually, did you know he had to go to the hospital, because hes gained over 200 lbs. (& I don’t like rap at all, but he was very good at what he did, & I respect him! (Even though he is getting x-tremely fat!) lol

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