What games do you play at sleepovers?

Am having a sleepover at my house in 2 weeks we get the whole up staires! And my family is staying at a hotel for just 1 night because I really dont know. So asked if we chould sleep up staires and they said yes so I was wondering what kind of games to play at my sleepover. And teach me how to play at my alone in a house sleepover! Its all girls.

Answer #1

teepee houses…hehe lol

Answer #2

any ideas of quitions to ask?

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Answer #4

Bob for Apples: what you do is you get a big bucket of water and fill it in with a lot apples then everyone has to put their heads in it and get as many apples as they can using their mouth, and putting it into a clean dry bowl.

Hope you have Fun!!!”

Answer #5

truth or dare is always fun

Answer #6

take a knife.. no bad idea shut up lisa.. anyways… wait til everyone is sleeping, close your eyes, then count the seconds you think it will take for somebody to make a sudden movement. if your rite, wake them up and have them join in the fun. if your wrong, repeat. another fun ativity; take off your socks and put them on another sleeping perons feet. you will have to waittil the morning for the full results but waiting can be fun! just do one of these other activities in your spare time. other activity: drink a lot of water like a gallon or so then hold in your pee!!! whatever you do DO NOT PEE. first one to pee has to go home. sucks… 5)run in circles for 6 minutes then stop 6) stare at eachother… dont breathe. first one to die loses. 9) open the front door. wide open, if somebody walks in and you know them, 1 point for you. nobody knows them? try to not die its thrilling. 10) cut off everyones hair



Answer #7

chubby bunny : yu take a bunch of marshmellows for every1 , one by one you havee to put a marshmellow in your mouth and say chubby bunny and keep goinqq until yu kant fit no more in your mouth , the last one standing wins

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Answer #9

why dont you make a jelly and put all kinds of sweets with wrappers in it before it setsand then keep the sweets in there and then put the jelly in the frige and let it set but then when it sets every1 has to try and shove their face in2 the bottom of the jelly and get the sweets that are in there xx good luck with your sleepover xx

Answer #10

orange squash, wht you hve to do is get in a circle and hold hands and go round and round saying orange squash orge squash here we go again and clap the last one down is it and you fall down the last on to sit down hAS TO GO AWAY FOR A MIN WHILE EVERYONE Else dicusses with each other who the person has gone away love and then you call her back in she sits in the middle of the circle everyoneelse stands up and hold hands and goes brush your hair if you love him,stamp your feet if you hate him, drink your tea if you want to marry him, cross your heart if you die for him and then the person in the middle has too do any one she agrees whith

Answer #11

I think that a good games for sleepovers would be truth or dare, scavinger hunts, and just jump around and sing! now things to is a differet story but you should try to make your own wedshow and put it up on youtube and just be your self with it but dont say your real name!

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