What game is better?

what is better Assassin’s Creed or Assassin’s Creed 2?

…I’ve never played any of them but the 2nd one looks better

Answer #1

never played teh 2nd cus the 1st didnt impress me much…

but yes the reviews say the 2nd is better in eeveryway.

Answer #2

AC2 is better.

On AC1 you die if you fall into water and you have to start what you were doing again. It gets really annoying when you’ve assassinated 5 of the targets because guards run after you ALL THE TIME and get triggered by free running which makes the game really hard (I ended up getting REALLY annoyed at AC1 and stopped playing it at the 8th target.). It does have a good story line though, and relatively easy achievements on the 360. Eagle Vision is pretty useless on this game, but gets used a lot in the second. Horse riding is fun, but better on the second, as the combat options are wider.

AC2 is AMAZING. You get to FLY! (but only for a short time which is disappointing). You can also SWIM! :D water doesn’t kill you like it does in AC1, and it provides excellent cover for when guards are after you. There are better weapons and a wider range of them. You can assassinate multiple targets (Yepp, 2 knives going into 2 throats at the same time :D). Desmond also gets to do a lot more, but doesn’t get woken up as frequently, which is good. (You’ll understand what I mean if you get it). Also, guards come after you less frequently and are harder to annoy :) . Assassin’s tombs provide skill, but all have a juicy achievement if you finish them and they provide lots of fun :) (Again, that’s for XBOX 360). You get to spend money, and run your own city. You can push people off boats and steal the boats :D pickpocketing is better and you get to hire Thieves, Prostitutes and Warriors to distract guards. The downside to this game is that to fully understand it, you have to understand the story line in AC1, but it’s easily explained online. Some assassinations are hard to locate however, so don’t climb all view points at once like I did.

If you get AC2 and you get stuck, message me and I’ll help :) (I’ve completed it) :) xxx

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