What food is good for cats?

Im running out of cat food, and its been for a month, my mom always forgot to but it, my father never goes shopping if there isn’t my mom. So sometimes when I was eating breakfast, lunch and dinner I gave them my food, like fried egg, rice, a slice of noodle, meat. But I only gave them a little because I dont want to let my parents know that im giving them. I had to give them healthy foods, but they almoust eat what I eat. But what food is not good for them and I can mix some foods to make it’s food but with what ingridients? Help please.

Answer #1

avoid salted meats and make sure you dont give them too much fat or oil. Avoid cream, milk or eggs because it gives them a bad tummy and diohrea. I feed mine with caaned tuna (the one in brine - rinsed off) and fresh meat and fish. Rice and vegetables are also quite good for cats.

Answer #2

cat food lol

Answer #3

I just had to take my male cat to the vet because I fed him human food .. not a good idea .. their bodies cant digest it properly causing diabeties and infections ..

Answer #4

My aunt - the crazy lady with the cats - fed them rice and just about anything. Nothing salty or spicy, though. The lived.

Answer #5

Okay, I’ll admit, I found my way to this website by entering ‘what people foods are good for cats?’. I would like to comment on “dark Daisy’s” answer. Where she may be correct in saying ham is a big no-no, she was incorrect in saying that Iams or Whiskas is the best thing for them. I just got my cat back from the vet, and he had stated to me that DRY cat food alone is actually not very healthy at all. Its the leading cause of urinary tract infections in cats. Of course he went on to try to sell me some ‘special’ food they sold there which I’m sure cost a pretty penny, but I inquired further about the subject. Basically people get confused that cats are similar to dogs. Dogs can eat anything like us, whether it be plant or meat. But cats are strictly carnivorous. Meat is good for them and meat only(includes fish, raw eggs). Their bodies thrive on meat and it provides everything they need to be as healthy as they can possibly be. Next time you’re out of cat food, see if maybe you’ve got a can of tuna fish in the cupboard. They LOVE it or worst come to worst try a little egg yolk. Someone told me once it was good for their coat. Not sure if its true or not but they seem to dig it. so okay let’s recap - Fish, meat, raw egg, and canned cat food are good. BAD - Ham, rotten meat, milk or cheese(even though they like them, not good) and strictly only dry cat food.

Answer #6

Even though cats may not eat human food (as pointed out by dark_daisy), I see no problem with them having bits and pieces now and again. My cat has been very adventurous when it comes to eating, and enjoys some really odd things like brocolli and vegetable soup. Sure, cats should have predominantly a cat food diet, but when I talked to my vet, she encouraged me to try her out on anything she’s prepared to eat. This is so that if she has a health problem later in life and has to adjust her diet because of it, she’ll respond better to the change.

But anyway- cat food is made especially for cats to give them all the stuff they need in their diet, so that’s really the best way to go. While cats can hunt for themselves, they are a lot like children- you need to be able to provide a home, food, medical care and love for them. If you can’t do this, PLEASE give them to someone who can. Don’t let them suffer…

Answer #7

Hmmm… That helps a lot… iamsamx9, My cats never eat living things(expect for some insects). They chased mice to play, I even watch they were playing the mice(and they didnt eat it!). lex icon, I am looking for someone perfect to pet it but no one want a stray cat! In Jakarta, thereis full of cats, full of stray cats. They can pet the stray cats if they wanted to! But all of your answers help me a lot, Thx! :)

Answer #8

no! nononononono! cats dont eat human food!

ham btw is one of the worst. try giving them actual cat food.like meat, ‘whiskers’ ‘go cat’ e.c.t also combine buscuit like ‘iams’ or ‘whiskers’ in with there diet. it is really bad for them to allways be eating human food or none at all.

if you really want this cat you must buy it food! or its just not worth having it. if your regreting it why not let it go to another loving family?

i hope this helps, all the best x

Answer #9

Try boiled chicken that is what I give to my older cat who is food allergies. Or cans of tuna but no albacor tuna it is bad for them. Go to an Aldies grocery store and get it really cheap and cheap hard cat food by the bags. Ask your dad for money and do some work around the house for him or run errands for him. Get a party time job if you are over 15 or do some babysitting and get the food yourself.

Answer #10

Do the cats ever go outside? If they do, they can catch their own food. I live on a farm, and my cats will eat mice, crichets, moles, lizards, just about anything!… The real thing is to make sure they do not get into poison. Cats can eat liver and rice, which is very cheap. but if you cannot get this, toss a potatoe in the microwave and then mass it up, add some margerine (corn oil for a shiny coat) toss in what ever tidbit of leftover meat you have and they will eat it when they are hungry… Then call the shelter and let them know you need food and sometimes they have free bags for families in need…or simply use your strong voice and say mom, dad, the cats need food please

Answer #11

Thx it helps a lot, daisy. But if its not good why are they receving it? One of my cat names Wolfie he even eat vegetables. Well I can gave one of my cat to another loving family but the problem is, she and he already been a long time here, any time if I put her/him to a strange place him and her will some back. And Im going to miss it. I have actually 7 cats, but 1 is given and 1 dissepers. So I have 5 now. Its 5, its still okay. But if 10, No no no no! Daisy, be my friend! and 1 more time, thank q !

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