What does mija mean in spanish?

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it means daughter

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It means like mami or baby
Guys will call a girl 'mija' to show affection
its just a slang word to call a girl in spanish

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It can be referred to as a term of endearment if a guy is interested in you, sometimes. It's simply a term of endearment. But of course when a parent calls you that, it actually means daughter.

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I'm not very good with spanish, but, I believe it is a term of endearment to refer to someone as your daughter (I think it emphasizes 'little'; little daughter?).

I have no clue on the matter of whom it can be used by, however, I have heard people (who are definitely not related, otherwise, it would be very, very wrong) calling one another that.

Saying that, since I think it expresses 'little', the person using it must be older than the person being referred to. (I think! not sure. (0.0) *I may need to go back to spanish 101*).

Cute nicknames . .

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Mija means my daughter in spanish

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Mija is a combo of mi hija which means my daughter.

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It means "my daughter"...an affectionate way of saying it. A man would NOT use it to a woman or girl he's interested in. A father or mother figure/aged person or an actual parent would say it.

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jacquioehjax I was watching a movie and a guy that was really into a girl called her mija and said that he loved her so why wouldnt you use it ot a woman or girl you're interested in?

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