What does it mean when you dream of a friends boyfriend?

Like I was sitting down and then I kind of stood up and bent over talking to my friend then my friends boyfriend was rubbing on my legs , back , and butt.

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It doesn't mean anything :) A dream is the brains way of sorting out memories and thoughts that you have during the day as "trash or saved".

"Trash" is short term memory (things in your everyday that don't really matter too much that the brain will erase) and "Saved" is long term memory (things that are new or important that have or has happened to you that the brain will save).

As your brain is literally sorting them out you are able to see them, as is a dream.

Very strange dreams where nothing makes sense and everything's wacky can be when a short term and a long term collide, thus the weirdness.

Dreams also consist of thing that you fear and think about a lot like death, or your boyfriend cheating on you or something like that, that's what would cause you to dream like that.

There is also memories about your past you have, dreams like those, things that you remember, can be triggered by a familiar smell or song that ties to that memory.

If I sat here and explained to you the processes of dreams and how they work I might as well be writing a book to you lol.

But your dream might have been cause as such, have you had any thoughts about your friends boyfriend?

Any thoughts that may be sexually orientated toward him or attracted to him?

This is okay if you did, but the dream was probably your brain sorting out your thought that you had about him, even though it never happened or might not ever happen.

Dreams are a complex thing to explain so if you want to ask me more just FunMail me and I'll be happy to chat about it :] Hope it helps

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Theres not a reason for that dream, it could be that maybe you like him, and don't even relize it, or it was just one of those weird dreams. Everyone has them. Everythings good. :]
- Advice girl. <3

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It means you jusst think about him or your friend a lot.

Possibly true that if you dream of someone that they dream of you?

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