What does it mean when a dove is roosting on my house?

A dove was recently building a nest on my roof. Someone told me a while back, that it possibly meant peace or god is bringing you a gift. Does anyone know if either of these are true? Or if it means something else entirely.
Please and thank you =]

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It means whatever you want it to mean. When you saw the nest, if what that person told you a while back is the first thing that came to your mind then that's probably the meaning. Or maybe it's only a bird nesting on your roof. Who knows

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A white dove is seen as a SYMBOL of peace, but it building a nest on the roof of your house means nothing significant...just that it thought that it was a good place to build a nest.

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it doesnt mean anything
its an animal
and its simply resting on your roof
or it might have a nest there or close by
but it doesnt mean anything
especially anything like "god is bringing you a gift"

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something good will happen...

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Well the dove must feal that your house is a safe peacefull place to build a nest, be happy with that.

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I liked and agreed with the response ifeelcrazy123 gave.

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It means your roof is going to have bird poo on it... =)

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