What does it feel like to cum

what does it feel like when a girl is about to cum!?!?!?!?! And anyone got any advice on how to make myself cum I find it really hard even with sex its hard!!! help me please.

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rub your clit. and think of things that turn you on. it feels like your vagina has your own heart. it feels like a throb.and you feel a huge relief after.

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A lot of girls can't orgasm by just having partnered sex. Try to first have orgasms by masturbating. Also when you have sex use your hand to rub your clitoris since is very hard to orgasm by just penetration alone. But beware that guys love it when a girl plays with herself while having sex and he may just cum right away by just looking at you.

Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear?
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Why dont you rub your G-Spot?

Condom Broke...but He Didnt Cum

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