What does indited mean?

I have court on januaray 6th 2010 and I dont know whats going to happen right now they said all I have is a federal complaint and I might get indited. What the hell does indited mean?

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Hopefully you'll come out of this alright. You might want to take the time to talk with a lawyer BEFORE 1/6/10. Perhaps the lawyer can nip this in the bud before you manage to get indicted. Here is a link to the Arrest-Trial process. It's a pretty good summary although it does omit some things.


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well depending on if you can prove your innocence and your past record. thats what the court goes on but if they indite you dont that mean they have enough evedince to convict u

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sam12, you've already moved ahead to sentencing. That has nothing to do with the indictment process.

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I suppose it's in the realm of extreme possibility, but I doubt it. If they were going to issue an arrest warrant, they probably would have done so already. More likely is that they will give you a trial date and release you on your own recognizance.

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ok well the crime is participating in a narcotics transaction but im innocent I swear

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it depends on the crime if you'll get arrested, you may just get community service or fined.

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It's 'indicted,' and to be indicted means that you've been formally charged with committing a crime.

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does that mean ill get arrested?

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