What does he do?

My boyfriend and I are going to have sex one day. We know that. But he really wants to know like what he can do while I give him a blow job or does he just stand there/sit there/whatever?

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my boyfriend will play with my hair, my shirt, rub my back or shoulders, or else he will just lay back and let me do my thing lol
im okay with him watching tv, cause I know his full attention isnt on the tv, he played video games once, yea that didnt go over well

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He can play with your hair, or just close his eyes and relax... or if you're cool with it let him watch TV or something. Most girls aren't cool with that TV bit because they want the guy's full attention while she does it.

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he can finger you while you give him a blow have you heard of 69?

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DUH! for sure not watching TV, just let him relax and do your thing :D

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