What do you think when you chew that burger?

Should animals be slaughtered??

Answer #1

What do you think when you chew that burger? when I eat the burger im not sure I think about anythigng, I just eat it

should animals be killed?? well if it means bring me the kind of food I like then yes

Answer #2

No, animals should not be slaughtered!!

Answer #3

Nirvanafan: That’s your personal opinion. Good thing it matters very little to me.

Answer #4

I usually think “I thought I ordered this rare, I can barely taste the cow blood”

Answer #5

I love animals personally, but I am a meat eater does that really make me a bad person?

Answer #6

I do, think about it, wild animals, for example lions kill their food, but we do it humanely, we do not hurt the animal and most of the time the animal is treated well. It is just natural in my opinion.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I am eating a piece of lamb… but then I get over it once I start eating it :)

Answer #7

well I love animals, but I always love a good steak or burger… I don’t hunt or kill animals in any way… the meat I eat is already dead…

Answer #8

I dont mind eating meat when I know exactly hwo it was killed. if my dad goes hunting and catches a deep I will eat it because he ALWAYS kills in in one shot, and we have a deer overpopulation prioblem where I live and we need to keep it down to help keep the other animals int he area in check, also when my friends have an animal that is getting old and they kill it I know thay didn’t do it like a slaughterhouse would. thay way meat today is killed, it’s sick. but as long as a know they animal didn’t suffer much I dont mind.

Answer #9

Think ? - um, um, good !!

Answer #10

I like this question :]

Personally, I think it is wrong to eat animals, or anything that comes from an animal. If the situation were reversed, and animals were eating people, you wouldn’t want to be eaten. Animals have families, and feelings just like people do. It is wrong to slaughter them for food, when we as humans have other choices to live on. I am a vegan, and I get around fine not eating animals. It is wrong to know that you, basically killed an animal for half an hours worth of food.

Answer #11

The last time I did I put it down cause I knew I was eating a dead animal,it’s just SICK! Animals deserve more respect than to be killed.

Answer #12

I USED to be Vegan. Then I USED to be vegetarian. And I USED to be a member of PETA until I found out they’ve killed more animals than saved. I think it’s wrong to hunt. But I’m not doing the hunting and I’m not doing the killing and YES I EAT MEAT! I don’t like a lot of meat types but I do eat it to keep me healthy. And besides, if you’re Vegan or Vegetarian and not taking vitamins more than likley you’re not getting your basic dietary needs.

Answer #13

You see…

I dont like the idea of animals being killed in the prime of there life…

but.. I cant not eat it…

I dont know why… I dont want to… but I do anyways.

slaughter is wrong…

Answer #14

not in the cruel inhumane way there being slaughtered in now but yes, humans need meat and while vegetarians and vegans do thave the right to protest about it, everyone else has the right to eat meat because a lot of people couldnt live without it its an important part of most humans diet however they are being killed in a very disgusting and inhumne way in quite a few places there also being kept in very small crowded enviroments so those two things need to dealt with we can eat meat AND treat those animals with better respect

Answer #15

I eat meat. I think every resourse was put her for a reason. Survial of the fitest. Look animals eat animals. This is the cycle of life.

I don’t have any problem with peoples own person choice to eat it or not. but don’t tell other people it is wrong. If I am lost with no food, I will kill and I will eat. Did anyone ever see the movie Alive? Those people ate their dead friends just to survive.

Answer #16

I think MMM MMM, I think I will have me another!!

But in all honesty, to touch on the Animals do not eat us, and how would we like it… We are all fair game. We go to the North Pole, shake hands with a polar bear, I promise you, your hand is not the only thing that beautiful animal is gonna be shaking. On top of that, we are at the top of the food chain… How would we like it if we were hunted? well, we were ages ago, and we have overcome all the obstacles. Aliens come down, we are the next beef. its the name of the game. We are Omivores.. we are programmed to eath just about everything. Surely you can choose not to… but I love me a good cheeseburger.

If you are concerned about them being slaughtered - eat Kosher meats. They are killed in a very proper manner. Most animals have a better death at the farm than they do in the wild. One shot gun blow to the head… or three wolves chewing my buttocks??

Answer #17

I feel very passionate about animal rights. Although I admit I do eat meat. I can’t eat it if it resembles the animal though- it’s very off putting and I would feel sad for doing that. This day in age we do not need meat though- you can find lots of other things that will give the same nutrition. But I’m not from a wealthy background- we have to count the pennies- we cant afford lots of fancy meat supplements.

Pets though (dogs,hamsters,rabbits ect) should never be eaten. Pets are on level pegging with humans and should never be killed- for food or for fun- EVER.

Answer #18

I’d think…more ketchup please.

They are part of the food chain…it is, and alwasy will be, a personal choice.


Answer #19

oh god please go be vegetarian somewhere else.

and to answer your question, I’m thinking “holy SH*T this ground up cow corpse is so deliciously succulent I think I’ll have 3 more. maybe I’ll go buy a leather couch that I can rest my fatass on so I can REALLY enjoy is this burger.”

Answer #20

what about the poor plants we are eating…oh and I think we should put all the lions on a diet as well…

Please oh please. there is nothing wrong with killing animals for food. I don’t fully agree with hunting as a sport but breeding one 100 cows for human consumption is perfectly fine by me. Also we were made to be omnivores (which means anything)

Answer #21

no, and peta proves it!!! peta.com!!! that why im a vegeterian! animals dont deserve any of this!!! go to youtube and type in KFC animal abuse and watch the first vid! it’s completly unfair!

Answer #22

If we did not hunt or do anything of the sort the world would be over populated. Animals are my life, I am a groomer and I have four dogs, two cats, and some fish, but I still eat meat.

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