What do you think of justin drew bieber?

I absolutly love him!! but I want to know what you guys think about him! I dont care if you hate him I want your oppinions.if you dont know him he is a singer becoming famous. he was found on youtube by usher. google him!! anyways tell me what I thing! thanks

Answer #1

I think he’s probably a really cool guy he seems sweet his songs touch my heart and funny stuff he does cracks me up guys shouldn’t judge him so much

Answer #2

rhiana does not suck.but justin squeaky

Answer #3

love him play his cd everyday

Answer #4

Wow, I don’t know how this kid can actually make it bigtime. I mean hes a kid and suddenly everyone ditches the Jonas Bro’s and is gaga over this kid Justin. I totally agree with the comment above, Alvin the chipmunk has a deeper voice than him. I’m not against him or anything but I just saw the video One Time of his and I reckon hes too young and he was making a fool out of himself anyway.

Answer #5

Justin in my opinion is so talented! He really inspires me to chase my dream cause I love to sing & act . Justin is in my eyes one of the amazingest people but that’s just me so people can their opinions too. Also he has a 4.0 grade average & is still gunna go to college , impressive right ? ;) I love him , he’s a great icon for teen music.

Answer #6

And yeah in all the videos he makes all of the girls are way older than him. Which is VERY creepy.

Answer #7

I think he is a hottie great voice x x x x his songs are meaning ful and plus he is just like anyother kid I love him xxx

Answer #8

Yeah, He Does Sound Like A Girl, But He Is Kinda Good Looking. Usher Is One Of My Favorite Artists But If He Honeslty Didn’t Have Talent Then Why Is He So Big? He Must Have Some Appeal That Other Artists Don’t Have. I’m Just Saying, Not That I’m Some Huge JB Fan.

Yes, Indeed You Are Entitled To Your Opinion,You May Think He’s The Sexiest Guy But Someone Else Might Think He’s The Ugliest Thing On This Earth. Lmfao.

Answer #9

hahah ya I was cryign when I saw him at he concert!! thanks for all your helpl I just think its funny how two yeats ago when he had a shaved head and wasnt famous nobody liked him but now hes famous and so many people like him!! for thw record I discovered him befor he ws famous! and btw hes 15

Answer #10

Ugh…can’t stand him. Every girl at school thinks he’s ‘sexy’, but really, he looks like a little boy who hasn’t hit puberty lol And plus he sounds like a girl

Answer #11

Dude he looks like 12…How old is he really? And yes alvin and the chipmunk DOES have a deeper voice than him,he’s ugly to me,If I met him I would probably mumble,Hi,and leave but your case would be probably fainting :) Well fat chance anybody would meet him…Ehh.I dont like him.

Answer #12

He sounds like a girl…you know whats creepy? my sisters best friend who is 17 LOVES him…it makes me sick! he SUCKS just like twilight, miley cyrus and Rihanna

but you are entitled to your own opinion so, what you think is what you think :)

Answer #13

“If he was discovered by Usher he can’t be that bad?!”

That’s what I thought as well. Usher is one of my favorite singers but Bieber is one of my most disliked.

“thats harsh but I’ve heard it many times..I thnk my heart just exploded. but thanks for the honesty”

No problem. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

Answer #14

Honest? I think he’s one of the worst singers I’ve seen make it big. The previous comment (the alvin the chipmunk one) says it all really.

Answer #15

I think he’s great considering his age aswell. He’s pretty good looking and looks a lot like one of my friends. If he was discovered by Usher he can’t be that bad?!

Answer #16

I love him (: He’s amazing. Well done Usher XD

Answer #17

thats harsh but I’ve heard it many times..I thnk my heart just exploded. but thanks for the honesty

Answer #18

alvin the chipmunk has a deeper voice then him

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