What do you think of hunting?

No need for a heated conversation, but I am curious. MY question is not weather you like hunting or hate the people that do hunt ( hate is a strong word) but I just want to know if people relize that if there were no hunting seasons how bad it really would be with over population of animals and what kind of accidents they could cause? I understand people not wanting it to happen but do you understand why and what animals do for us to live, keep warm and dress ourselves. I love when people stand for what they believe but not when they are telling me they hate hunting and have on a leather belt, shoes or purse or wallet. I just could not imagine what kind of crazyness we would have if no animals were hunted. Any one remember when FL opened up gator season because they were in peoples back yard or eating family pets or toddlers

Answer #1

Hunting for food is great! If it keep populations in control, even better…starving to death in winter is the long slow road…a bullet is a quick way out. I know many people here, who eat almost nothing BUT wild meat.


Answer #2

I think hunting is fine as long as its used for food and not wasted…I dont like to kill for the sport of it alone, but because its necissary for food.

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I only believe in hunting to keep the population under control. Definitaly not for style or anything.

Answer #5

I don’t think it’s right for people to hunt for sport but I have no problem with people hunting for food.

Answer #6

Hunting is great, my boyfriend is a hard core hunter/fisher/trapper and a lot of our friends are. Its a fine sport, helps keep animal populations under control and you could do a lot with some animals. Also, I love the feeling of sitting in a deer stand watching a deer walk by and getting all nervous/anxious/excited, its such a rush, but yeah some people just kill to kill and leave the bodies, thats not cool, unless its a nasty mangy coyote haha

Answer #7

If God thought there were too many animals in the world, why would He let them breed so quickly? They were put there for a reason. Hunting would only be necessary if it was hunting for food or to capture an animal alive for it’s own protection. For a sport, it’s barbaric. But who on earth would hunt FOXES for food? That’s just sick. That would be like eating dogs. Not good at all. Leave nature the way it’s supposed to be. If they live, they live. If they die, they die. But DON’T murder them. It’s cruelty.

Answer #8

I think that hunting is completely okay as long as the meat is not being wasted, even if you don’t eat the meat yourself you can donate it to someone or a food bank. I think it’s absolutely okay as long as you are obeying the laws and the hunting regulations.

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