What do you think of a john mccain - condoleezza rice ticket ?

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Huckleberry doesn't appeal to the base. They think he is too liberal. It is only the completely out of touch right wing evangelical social conservatives that like him.

They can have him.

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I personally worry about any of the candidates. They all have their good and bad points. But on this issue... I just don't like the history. I don't think it's a good idea.

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I would welcome that. More association to the Bush administration can only hurt McCain.

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I am going to vote for john mccain, and I would still vote if he chose condi as his running mate.
I believe she would be a great vice president.

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I think it would further solidify my already solid "No" vote for McCain.

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Being a progressive, I don't think much of it. I think condi has absolutely no credibility. She has been very obedient and a good neocon soldier. Just look at our standing in the world with her as SOS.

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A great vice-president? Based on what? Her great track record with our foreign policy. John McCain is not fit to be president.

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A great Vice-President? Based on what? Her great track record with our foreign policy?

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3/27/08: Despite saying she wants to return to Stanford University, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has let it be known in Republican circles that she would consider running for vice president if asked.

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If McCain picks Rice, he'll polarize the center toward the Democratic ticket, without helping turnout on the Republican side.

The typical strategy for a candidate perceived as moderate, is to pick a VP that appeals to the party base. Huckabee is a natural choice.

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If McCain is smart, he will cut ties with the current administration altogether when picking his running mate.

Besides, Rice made it pretty clear she's not interested.

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I don't like it and agree with jimahl, choosing the lesser of two evils is always tough. This two party system sucks. But I'm going to vote republican because the democrat's plan is even worse. I mean universal health care is a noble idea and all, but who's paying for it? They want to keep jobs here in America but they plan on raising taxes which will only cause more company's to move overseas. All their ideas although noble are completely unobtainable using the methods they are.

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