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This is long, but if you have the time, please read and answer!!! Have any of you heard or used a product called Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone on your dogs ears? Is it safe? Does it work? How did your dog react to it? I was told that Zymox Otic, is very effective and basically a Miracle Worker on Ear Infections? I have a Chihuahua named Daisy, who for the last 4 months has been getting Ear Infections, that we can’t seem to get rid of. She is almost 2 and has never before this had any problems with Ear Infections. I clean all my dogs ears including Daisy’s, with Virbac Epi Otic once a week, as told to do so by my vet, but Daisy is still having Ear Infection problems, that we can’t seem to get rid of. She has had Ear Cultures done, but nothing is showing up on the Ear Cultures. They always come back clean! She has had her ears flushed and medicated by the vet numerous times in his office. She has been on 3 different Antibiotics but seems to have an Allergic Reaction to two of them. One of the Antibiotics she is Allergic to is called Baytril Otic and the other one is called Mometamax. The only one that she isn’t having a reaction to is called Panalog Cream. The Panalog Cream gets rid of her infection, but a month later the infection comes back with a vengence. That is the medication she is on now, because the vet can’t seem to find an Antibiotic, that she doesn’t have an Allergic Reaction to. By allergic reaction, I mean that right after I put the Antibiotic in her ears, they immediately become very inflammed and red and the scratching a digging starts. I feel so sorry for her. The vet has given her Benadryl, but it doesn’t help much. He says that because she is only 4. 2 pounds, it’s not safe to give her more than 2 1/2 mg at a time. The vet is out of state, because his mom just passed away. I am worried that all these Antibiotics that Daisy is on, will cause her to have a resistance to them. I was going to ask my vet, when he gets back, if he thinks that using Zymox Otic, would help Daisy in any way. Have any of you been in this type of situation and used Zymox Otic or do you know anything about the effects of Zymox? I’m really desperate right now, to help little Daisy and the vet and I are running out of options. I just wanted to see what experiences other people had with Zymox. If you have any information at all, please help me, help little Daisy. I really hate seeing her so uncomfortable. Thank You so much, for taking the time to read this and answer! I really appreciate it. ADD: If it makes a difference, I’m feeding Daisy Innova!

Answer #1

Total ear canal ablation (TECA) is removal of the entire ear canal. The vertical portion, which is the portion from the ear opening that is visible until the ear canal turns toward the middle of the head and the horizontal portion which ends at the ear drum, are both removed during this surgery. Most patients with sufficient ear infection to require total ear canal ablation have middle ear infections as well as external ear infections, so it is important to also open the bony cavity that enclosed the middle and inner ears and remove the lining of the cavity and flush it thoroughly to lessen the chances of an infection post-operatively. This is important because with the ear canal no longer present, there is no good place for a middle ear infection to drain after total ear canal ablation.


What Signs can be seen with a Food Allergy?

A food allergy is a reaction to food that involves the body’s immune system. It is usually always a protein particle in the food that is responsible for reactions. Your dog may itch, lick, and chew paws, flank, groin, neck, and ears. The itching can be during all seasons. A small percentage of food allergy dogs may only have chronic otitis. The dog may also have some gastrointestinal signs such as chronic vomiting, diarrhea, belching, and frequent bowel movements. Food allergy dogs often have both varying degrees of skin signs and gastrointestinal problems that persist.


Answer #2

Thank You everyone for answering. Just to make things clear, I would never use anything on my dogs without asking my vet first. Right now, I am giving Daisy the Panalog Cream the vet prescribed twice a day. She gets 3 drops in each ear! This is the second day she has been on it and already I can see that she is feeling better. I’m just worried that after she finishes this Antibiotic, that she doesn’t seem to have any reaction to, that her Ear Infection will return and this whole situation will start all over again! I wanted to include this link, which I hope will work, that has information about the product along with some Customer Testimonials from people that have used it on their dogs. http://www.amazon.com/Zymox-Otic-1-0%25-Hydrocortisone-Bottle/dp/B000COE5D2/ref=pd_sbs_k_2 I also want to ask Harley, What is TECA? I will look into the food and see if that can be what’s causing this whole problem, but how can I tell which ingredient in the food may be causing Daisy’s allergies? I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help me!

Answer #3

Teca is a surgery in the ear, But I would ask your vet if they do it and what or if it would benefit your baby, The reason I suggested the Food Trial is because it is not common for dogs who’s ears stand up and this breed to have such a problem, Some people tend to forget that EARS is part of the Skin and very well could be allergy related. So with a food trial you take away all treats, biskets and whatever else you feed the dog. You start with a bland diet and go from there. Again this is a good converstation to have with your vet, If they can’t advise you good enough on that let me know, We have a great Tech at work who is sooo awsome with foods, diets and Food trials. I have a gut feeling this is the little chi’s issue.

Answer #4

my doctors have not heard of this, but it just could be a name brand we are not familar with, anyway they suggested a FOOD TRIAL because this dog has so many allergies this could be part of her problem. remember ears are part of the skin, so food trial may be a good idea, Or talk to your vet about getting a TECA done.

Answer #5

If I were you I would only give it what the vet says to. This product is a good thing for ear infections in animals who have allergies to other treatments, though. If your vet didn’t prescribe it to you, I would check in with them first just to be on the safe side. The actual product, though, is great. Sam

Answer #6

Thank You Harley! I appreciate any help you can give me. You are a sweetheart and always very helpful to me, when I ask a question on this site. Looking forward to hearing about what you find out! Daisy Thanks You too!

Answer #7

I go into work at 12 and work until 8 pm, but I will ask, Also I give my female chihuahua Benadryl and she is about 4.5 lbs, my doctors told me to only give her 1.6mls by mouth every 8 hrs if needed.

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